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  1、合理消费 Reasonable Consumption

  I like to make purchase, since I start to shop online, I will buy things once I like, I just can’t control my desire. As for my mother, she is not like me, she barely goes shopping, she buys clothes once a year. I think my mother is over thrifty, she thinks me waste a lot of money. We have different views of consumption, both of us don’t make the reasonable consumption.For the old generation, they have experienced war and hunger, so they cherish what they have and are very easy to be satisfied with the things they have, they won’t spend the money to have fun, because they think it is wasteful. In my opinion, we are in the modern society, we have lived the better life and should learn to enjoy the moment. There is no need to save all the money and do nothing.For the young people, they like to spend tomorrow’s money, they don’t save the money because they spend all their salary, they like to go shopping and buy what they want. It is not right to spend all the money, we need to save part of it just in case of the emergent situation.


  2、我对网络用语的看法 My View on Internet Slangs

  As the development of Internet, people like to use computer to do many things, we can say that computer has been part of our life. People get used to reading the news and then sharing their opinion on the Internet, then more and more slangs come into being. I think these slangs are good for expression but should not be used officially.We can see the people make some sentence short, like by the way is short for btw. At first, we may not like it, but when we find that everybody is expressing like this, we will follow and then get used to it. Internet slangs are another way for people to express themselves, it is quit short and convenient.Though Internet slangs are favored by many people, we must know it clearly that these words should not be used in official writing. Because these words will change its meaning as the time goes on, sometimes people will misunderstand the meaning.Internet Slangs are very popular now, it provides a way for people to communicate and we can use them in the certain situation.

  随着网络的发展,人们喜欢使用电脑来做很多事情,我们可以说电脑已经成为我们生活的一部分。人们使用电脑来看新闻,然后在网络上面交流意见,越来越多的流行语开始出现。我觉得这些用语有助于表达,但是不应该被正式使用。我们可以看到人们使一些句子变短,比如“by the way”缩短为“btw”。刚开始,我们也学不喜欢,但是当我们发现大家都在这样表达时,也会跟着使用,然后开始适应。网络用语是人们表达自己的另一种方式,简洁而方便。虽然网络用语受到很多人的喜爱,我们必须清楚地知道这些词不应该在正式的写作中使用。因为这些词会随着时间而改变意思,有时候人们会误解意思。网络用语现在很流行,它给人们提供了一种交流的方式,我们可以在一定情形下使用。

  3、军训是必要的 Military Training Is Necessary

  When September comes, it means the new semester begins. Many freshmen come to the campus and the first thing they do is to get the military training. Some people question about the military, they think it is unnecessary because students don’t have to be the soldiers. While in my opinion, military training is in need.Military training can cultivate students with strong will. Most students live with their parents before they come to school and with the parents’ protection, they don’t have much life experience. Military training is hard and during the training, students can stand the hard time, so they can get used to the life coming to them.The military training can teach the students to obey the rules. It is known to all that soldiers’ duty is to obey the order, so students will have the sense of obeying the rules. When they come to study, they know what they should do and what they should refuse.There is no doubt that military training is very important, though it is hard, it will do good to students.


  4、乡村生活 Country Life

  I was born in the country, my family lived there before I was 6 years old. Then my parents moved to the city for their work, I had to stay away from my hometown. Though living in the city brings me a lot of convenience, I eat the good food, I still miss country life all the time. I love to live in the country.Living in the country, the time seems to be very slow. I woke up early in the morning and then took the walk. After eating the breakfast, it was about 8 o’clock. I went out to play with my friends or went to help my grandparents with their work. After doing these, it was just 11 o’clock. But in the city, I woke up at 9 o’clock, and then I ate the breakfast, the rest of the day was to play computer. How time flies to me.I get so close to the nature and I find so much fun in the country life. I always want to live in my hometown. When I have the time, I will go back there and enjoy the moment.


  5、养宠物 Keeping Pets

  Nowadays, more and more people like to keep pets, such as the dogs, cats and so on. People keep pets as their families, the relationship they build is deep. Pet is really cute, before we raise a pet, we must think about the advantages and disadvantages and then make the wise choice.Keeping a pet has many advantages. People can have the pet as their families, they can have someone accompany. It is said that some people feel lonely to live alone, then a pet can drive away the loneliness. What’s more, raising a pet can cultivate a person’s sense of responsibility, because he has to take care of the pet very carefully.There are also disadvantages. It takes time to take care of the pet, like to feed and wash the pet. The most difficulty thing is to deal with the shit. The one who likes to keep clean is not suitable to have a pet. What’s more, some pets may bite people and brings threat to people’s health.Keeping a pet is not easy, once we have a pet, we must take care of it very carefully.


  6、如何选择兼职 How to Choose the Part-time Job?

  As a college student, I want to make some little money, because I want to prove that I can live by my own as a grow-up. The part-time job is my best choice, because I have a lot of time and I can make use of it. But doing a part-time is not just to make money, but also to learn from the experience.When choosing a part-time job, we’d better make the wise choice. First, we can choose the job that has something relate with our future job, so that we can have the work experience. Such as if I want to be a teacher in the future, then I can choose to be a tutor, so when I find the job as my career, I will be competitive. Second, part-time should not spend students’ too much time, because it is students’ main duty to learn knowledge, so that the time for the part-time job better to be on the weekends.Doing the part-time job is good for college students, they will gain the working experience and prepare for the future. They need to choose the right job.


  7、如何对待青少年的变化 How to Do With Teenagers’ Change?

  When I was a teenager, I felt I was so lost and wanted to prove that I was mature enough to get rid of my parents’ nursing. That happens to most teenagers, they are under the stage that is close to mature but are not strong enough. For parents and teachers, they must deal with teenagers’ change in the right way, or they will do the negative things.There are many reasons for teenagers’ change. First, their bodies grow so fast that they could not adjust their mood. The change in their bodies makes them feel different from others, they don’t know how to do, so they feel annoyed and want to disguise themselves. For parents, they have to realize that their kids have grown up and should not treat them like a kid. Second, the parents must get to know that the teenagers will experience many stages during their teenager time. So when their kids become rebel, they need to understand and not fight with them. Giving their kids some time, they will overcome their emotion.Teenager time a special stage, the change of teenagers will make the parents and teachers worry, but I think they should not be so hard on them, just to be their friends.


  8、电影不再那么受欢迎? Film Is Less Popular?

  Going to the theater to watch the movie is a traditional way for people to have fun. Theater is a good place for people to relax themselves, especially for the couples, they will treat the theater as the best dating place. Now more people are attracted by the TV series, they trend to open the TV instead of going to the theater, it seems that film is less popular, but I don’t think so.It is true that nowadays the TV series catch many people’s eyes. On the one hand, the TV series have the good plot and the successive seasons attract people to stay at home to watch them every night. On the other hand, watching the movie is a great expense compared with watching TV series. Watching TV series is free, while watching the movie needs people to buy the ticket, it is not cheap.The film is still popular. When we look at the total sum of big movie, we can find that such movie still earn a lot of money, it means many people have watched it. The good movie still wins people’s attention, so film is favored all the time.


  9、我的国庆节计划 My Plan on National Day

  When National Day comes, I Feel so excited, it is not because I will have a vacation, but also I have many plans. I have made some plans for the vacation, I want to relax myself and find some interesting to do. I learn that there will be a lot of people going out, but I will choose some places that are less people to go, anyway, I have two plans on the seven days’ vacation.First, I will go to visit my grandparents. My grandparents live in the countryside, and it is the place where I grow up. I miss the place so much, I want to spend more time with my grandparents, they are a little old now. I also like to see the countryside’s scenery, the trees are so green and the water is so clean, I enjoy the time when I stay with my grandparents.Second, I will join my friend’s wedding. I received my junior middle school classmate’s wedding note a week ago, I feel so happy for her, she asks me to be her bridesmaid, I feel it a honor to be her bridesmaid.I can’t wait for my vacation now, I have bought the ticket to go home, it will be a wonderful holiday.


  10、人脑和电脑 The Brain and The Computer

  When computer came into being, it developed so fast and its functions are various. Computer brings people convenience, people count on them to do their work. It is believed that computer has taken place of the brain. While in my opinion, computer can’t overpass the brain.Computer is the process that is designed by human beings. Computer is the robot, the scientists design the complicated process and then make it to work. People can control the computer to do their own things. Even though computer works in a very fast way, its process will goes wrong sometimes. Such as the translation, computer always translates the words one by one, making the meaning very ridiculous.Computer can’t take place of the brain because it has no emotion. The process just gives people the direct result and computer can’t think in their own way. But people’ brain has its own thinking and the critical mind makes the great difference. The brain surpasses progress because people have the ability to think.In all, though computer works fast and precise, it can’t take place of the brain.


  11、创造奇迹 Creating Miracle

  Beijing Olympic Games gives the world so many surprises, we show our new image to the world. Many Chinese heroes fought for the right to hold the Olympic Games, finally we made it. Now we are also successful in winning the right to hold the winter Olympic Games. Our insistence helps us to make so many miracles.Beijing has become the only city to hold the summer and winter Olympic Games so far, we are so proud of it. But the road to achieve this amazing phenomenon is such tough. Early in the 1990s, we started to compete for the vote, but the world did not know our country, the judgers believed that our country was far away from the qualification. So we were rejected again and again. Thanks to the insistent effort, we won the vote and fulfilled this dream. Two days ago, we won another vote for holding the winter Olympic Games. Two times to win the rights is such inspiring news, we are creating miracle all the time.Insistent effort will bring good luck, I believe that we can creating more miracles.


  12、拉丁的传奇 The Legend of Latin

  The world cup holds every four years and the theme songs will be very popular around the world. So many famous singers try to be the lucky one because it is their great honor to sing the theme song. The football fans must be familiar to Shakira, who is a Latin female singer. She has sung the theme song twice, which makes her the outstanding singer.Today, Shakira is famous around the world. She is from Columbia and she can speak many languages. Shakira became a singer when she was a teenager, she dropped out of gymnastic and then turned to sing. At first, she sung the Latin songs, which made her popular in the Latin countries. But she wanted to let more people hear her songs, so she went to America and developed her career. Shakira made the wise choice, with her talent and effort, she not only conquers the American people, but also conquers the world. She is one of the most successful female singers.Shakira is very beautiful, but she works so hard to be successful. People love her so much.


  13、家庭聚会 Family Gathering

  Family means so much for me, I have a big family, because my mother and my father have many brothers and sisters. Living in the big family, I feel the love all the time, we care for each other. Every week, my family will have a gathering, we will do some activities, so that we can keep in touch closely.It is important to keep in touch with the family members. Since we are busy with our own business in usual, so if we don’t make the appointment, there is no way for us to meet. My family members keep the tradition to have the gathering every weekend. Sometimes we will have the big dinner, sometimes we will have the barbecue. These activities help us to keep the close relationship. We share our opinion, the parents are talking about their work stuff and the kids are playing happily.Family gathering is a good way to keep in touch with each other. I enjoy the moment when all of us meet in a place. Communication helps us to solve the problem of isolation.


  14、偶像的力量 The Power of Idol

  As the development of the media, people are affected by the TV and commercial ads, they keep their eyes on the amusement all the time, so they will become a fan. Especially for the teenagers, they chase for the idols. Idols bring the great effect on the public, their power is huge.Today, weibo is very popular for people to share the information. The celebrities open their accounts and they record their lives on it. Many fans will keep their eyes on their idols’ accounts, they want to know everything about their idols. When the celebrities post the news about helping the poor people, then the fans will try their best to help the poor people. The fans will follow their idols’ words.As the power from idol is so effective, so the idol should keep the positive image to the public.The idols have the responsibility to keep the positive image, so that their power can be used in the proper way.


  15、我最喜欢的娱乐方式 My Favorite Form of Entertainment

  As the development of the economy, more and more people live the good life. As they have more money to satisfy the material issue, so they chase for entertainment. The old people like to dance in the square and the young people like to KTV. As for me, my favorite form of entertainment is to travel.On the one hand, travel can broaden my vision. Going to the different place can let me see the different scenery. Every time when I go to a place, I will talk to the local people and get to know their culture. I learn so many things from life instead of the book.On the other hand, I will make friends during the trip. When I take the train, I will always find someone who has the same interest with me. We will talk a lot on the train, though our destination is different, we keep in touch and share our opinion all the time.Going to travel is my favorite form of entertainment, I learn a lot and I will continue my travel when I have the time and money.


  16、黄金周是否适合出游 Is Golden Week Suitable For Travel

  When May comes, it means that people will have the vacation. Most people will choose to take the travel, while as more and more people go to travel at a time, the traffic situation will face great challenge. Golden week is not a good choice to go out for travel for most people.On the one hand, with the rise of income, people tend to go to travel on the golden week. It is always reported that too many tourists makes the traffic get congested. In the tourist sites, people can see thousands of heads instead of the scenery, the unpleasant incidents always happens between the tourists. As there are people everywhere, who has the mood to appreciate the scenery.On the other hand, on the golden week, the business men always raise the price of the products, they want to earn the great profit from the tourists. The tourists have to buy the products in the special situation, they spend a lot of money to buy the products.In all, golden week is not a good time for people to go out for travel. People can just stay at home or go to visit the sites which are near home, so that they won’t get tired and spend too much money.


  17、自拍是一种病? Is Self-Shot a Kind of Illness?

  Nowadays, as the development of the high technology, the function of taking pictures of the cellphone is various, so people like to use their cellphones to take pictures as they want. Self-shot is very popular among the young people, they like to share their pictures anytime. But according to the research, self-shot is a kind of illness.People like to show the things they see. When I go out with my friends, I find they will take out their cellphones, taking pictures all the time. When the food is served on the table, their first reaction is to take many pictures and then send on Weibo. When we go travel, my friends will low down their heads, watching their cellphones, because they have sent many self-shots and they are waiting for friends’ attention.All of these situations make me feel pity on them. They have missed the beautiful moments, they haven’t enjoyed the delicious food and they haven’t appreciated the beautiful scenery with their hearts. The pictures are showed to others, we should enjoy the things that are around us. Don’t let self-shot become the illness.

  如今,随着高科技的发展,手机的拍照功能多样化,因此人们喜欢使用手机来随时拍照。自拍在年轻人当中很流行,他们喜欢随时分享照片。但有调查显示,自拍是一种病。人们喜欢展示他们看到的东西。当我和朋友们出去的时候,我发现他们会拿出手机,随时拍照。当食物放在桌子上的时候,他们的第一反应就是拍照,然后传上微博。当我们去旅游,朋友们会底下他们的头,看着手机,因为他们已经上传了很多自拍照,等着朋友的关注。所有的这些情形都让我为他们感到惋惜。他们错过了很多美好的时刻, 没有好好用心享受美味的食物和欣赏美丽的风景。相片是给人家看的,我们应该欣赏在我们身边的东西。不要让自拍成为一种病。

  18、诚实 Honesty

  Once upon a time, I did not pay for my bill when I bought a pen, because the boss forgot to charge me, so I pretended to not realize it and just walk away with the pen. Many years passed, every time when I think of it, I will be ashamed of myself, I lost the important thing once, but I will not lose it again.The merit of honesty occupies great importance today. In the old time, without the camera’s supervisor, people kept their honesty according to their self-consciousness. It seems that if they are not honest, they would not get any punishment. But today, as the technology develops, people are supervised by the high-technologies all the time, once they are caught cheating, their files will have the spot, which affect their career badly.We are living in the modern life, we need to self-behaved, what we do is under the invisible cameras’ watching. Even we make the small mistake, we will be recorded without noticed. What we do decides what kind of person we are, so let’s be an honest person all the time.


  19、广州之旅 My Trip to Guangzhou

  Last week, I have three days off, so I planned to travel to Guangzhou. During the three days, I witnessed so many things, I open my vision and gain the knowledge. The trip to Guangzhou makes me realize that I could go to anywhere by my own.Before I went to Guangzhou, I made many plans, I searched the Internet, just to make sure that I wouldn’t get lost, because I never went to travel by myself. Going to the strange place, at first, I was very afraid, I tried hard to remember the road, sometimes I dared not to go far away. But I found the way, I realized that every main site would have the subway site, so if I took the metro, I could go back the place nearby.As I got familiar with the road, I went to many sites by the metro, it was so fast and convenient, I could see many sites in a day. Guangzhou is so big, I saw many foreigners, it was full of vitality. The college town is so big and clean, I love it.The trip to Guangzhou is very precious experience for me, I become independent and broaden my vision.


  20、Lady Gaga的成功 Lady Gaga’s Success

  If you love music, then the name of Lady Gaga must be familiar to you. Lady Gaga is the world famous female singer, she is from America. She is well known by her dance songs and her dramatic dressing styles.The young are crazy about her, her great success is not gaining by chance.Lady Gaga is popular by her creative dressing styles. The traditional popular female singers are thought to be the image of the sweet girls, who are good-looking outside. But you can’t find nothing like the sweet girls in Lady Gaga, she always dresses like the monster, her styles are exaggerating, which helps her win numerous fans. Today, people are chasing individuality and Lady Gaga’s image caters to this trend.Lady Gaga is also talented in writing songs. Listening to her songs, you will have the desire to dance, her music seems to have the magic. Lady Gaga write her songs, in fact, before she get famous, she wrote songs for many famous popular singers.Lady Gaga is successful because she is not only creative in her image, but the more important is that she is very talented.

  如果你喜爱音乐,那么Lady Gaga这个名字你一定很熟悉。Lady Gaga是一位在全世界都很有名的女歌手,她来自美国。她的舞曲和戏剧性的穿衣风格使得她很有名。年轻一代的人为她疯狂,她的成功不是偶然的。Lady Gaga因为她的创新造型而受到欢迎。传统的流行女歌手被认为是甜美女孩的外形,出众的外表。但是你在Lady Gaga身上找不到任何甜美女孩的痕迹,她总是穿得像个怪物,她的风格很夸张,这也为她赢来了无数粉丝。今天,人们追求个性,Lady Gaga的形象迎合了这个趋势。Lady Gaga在写歌方面也很有才华。听着她的歌曲,你会有冲动去跳舞,她的音乐似乎有一种魔力。Lady Gaga自己写歌,事实上,在她变得出名前,她就为很多有名的流行歌手写歌。Lady Gaga很成功,因为她不仅有着新颖的形象,而且更为重要的是她很有才华。

  21、青少年的教育 Teenager’s Education

  Adolescent is the very important time for one life. During that time, a person’s characteristic is being cultivated. The parents play the main roles in teenager’s time, what they say and do will have great effect on their children, even decide the kids’ future. So the parents need to pay attention to the right education.First, the parents should treat their children as the grow-ups. In the parents’ eyes, no matter what how old their children are, they always treat them as the babies, so they will be easily to make every decision for the kids. In the long time, the children will be rebellious and don’t want to talk to their parents, because they think there is nothing in common between them.Second, the parents should encourage their children. As the parents always treat their children as the babies, so they will deny their children’s ideas all the time. It is wrong to do it, the parents should not deny them, they should encourage their children and lead them to have their own thinking. It is better to let the children realize their faults by themselves.Teenager’s education is of great importance, the parents should do it in the right way.


  22、坚持的力量 The Power of Insistence

  Last night, I watched a tennis game, it was the US open, because there was a Chinese female player came to the semi-final, so I stayed up to watched the game. Unluckily, she was injured twice, though she still wanted to finish the game, her body situation did not allow her to do so. Her insistence moved so many audience, they gave her the biggest applause.The power of insistence is great, it will help you set free your potential and keep move on. Just for the players, they will face all kinds of incidences now and then, but the will to insist will make them finish the game. Sometimes, people win the game not because of their excellent skills, but their strong will. Those who can stick on to the final line will win people’s applause.What’s more, when people insist to finish the game, it is the respect that they show to their opponents. Their spirit deserves people’s applause. Insistence is a merit, we should keep it, no matter what we do, we must remember to insist.


  23、国外教育 Foreign Education

  During these years, more and more parents trend to send their kids to study abroad, it is true that foreign education has many advantages, which is surpassing our education. Many excellent scholars started their education at the foreign colleges, then making the outstanding works. The advantages of foreign education are in the following.First, there are advantaged educational resources in the foreign colleges. America and England have the best universities, the famous traditional universities such as Cambridge and Oxford, which have the long history. So these universities are developed and have the mature teaching resources. The students can enjoy the best educational resource and have communication with the best professors.Second, one of the main features of foreign education is that it pays attention to the creative work. If the students want to enter into the famous colleges, they need not only to do well in the exam, but also they need to join the social activities. Sometimes the latter part is more important than the former part. This educational idea is good for students’ creativity.


  24、大学校园的商业化 The Commercialize in Campus

  The campus, which is believed to be a place for students to gain knowledge, but as the world gets globalized, many business centers have moved into the campus. Students enjoy the commercial environment, but some people think that the commercial environment will have negative effect to the students. I think the campus should be pure.On the one hand, campus is the place for students to learn the knowledge. The school should create the environment which is suitable for the students to study. Such as the school can open the shops to sell the books, or the things which are related to the study.On the other hand, the commercial centers will distract students’ attention from their study. The shop, the theater and other shops have built in some campus, it makes the students can’t focus their minds, they just want to finish their class and then go shopping. The original purpose has been forgotten by the students.Though the commercialize of campus brings students convenience, it is not suitable to let those shops open, students’ main duty is to study and the commercialize will interfere them.


  25、宿舍和公寓 Dormitory and Department

  When students go to college, they have to live in the dormitory which often holds four students. As most students never stay away from partners before, so they don’t get used to live in the dormitory and they will try to move out and live in the department alone. In my opinion, dormitory is the better choice to live in.One the one hand, students can learn to get along with each other. No one can live alone, people need to communicate with others, it is an important lesson for college students to learn. Most students have depended on their parents so much, so they don’t have the consciousness to be tolerant and considerate. Living in the dormitory helps the students to be independent and considerate, which will make them to be successful.On the other hand, living in the dormitory will save students a lot of money. As more students share a room, so it will be very cheap for a student to pay for the room. The students haven’t earned the money, they need to spend their parents’ money, so they should save the money and relieve their parents’ burden.In all, living in the dormitory is a good choice for a student.

  当学生上大学了,他们不得不住在容纳4个学生的宿舍。由于大部分学生从来没有和父母分开过, 因此他们不适应住在宿舍,尝试着搬出去,独自住在公寓里。在我看来,宿舍是居住的更好选择。一方面,学生可以学着去彼此相处。没有哪一个人能独自生活,人们需要和别人交流,这对于大学生来说是很重要的一课。大部分学生非常依赖他们的父母,因此他们没有意识要大度和为人着想。住在宿舍里能帮助学生变得独立和为人着想,这也帮助他们获得成功。另一方面,住在宿舍里可以省下学生很多钱。由于多个学生住一个宿舍,因此一个学生只需要付一小部分钱。学生还没挣钱,他们需要花父母的钱,因此他们应该省点钱,减轻父母的负担。总的来说,住在宿舍对一个学生来说是好的选择。

  26、当春晚成为传统 When Spring Festival Gala Became Tradition

  When Spring Festival comes, people will pay special attention to the news about Spring Festival gala, they get used to watching it every year, the director will take a long time to prepare for it. Every piece of news about the gala will become the hot topic, Spring Festival gala has become part of people’s life, even the tradition.Since our parents’ generation, Spring Festival gala holds every year in the eve of Spring Festival, after eating the dinner, the families get together and watch the gala. As the development of the TV program, the traditional show has faced many challenges, the young generation is not that into the Spring Festival gala, but it still attracts people’s attention and keeps the highest audience rating.The popularity of the gala shows that it has become the tradition, people get used to watching it, if this show is cancelled, we will feel something is missing in our life. In fact, the meaning of the gala gives people a chance to get united and enjoy the time with their families.


  27、世界上最性感的男人 The World’s Most Sexy Man

  Brad Pitt is thought to be the world’s most sexy man, early in his films, the audience was crazy about his perfect face, many girls treat him as Mr. right. For me, Pitt has the charming outlook, which is attracting to the women, but as the time goes on, he is not young anymore, but he is still the world’s most sexy man, he gets this fame because of his kind heart.Early in the 1990s, Brad Pitt began his career as the actor, at first, he played the small role, there was less people noticed him. One day, an agent thought he was fit for the new film, so Pitt was chosen to play the role, then his career went well all the way. More and more people started to notice him, they were impressed by Pitt’s beautiful face, the roles he played were always favored by the audience. As his great success in the films, Pitt was chosen to be the world’s most sexy man.Besides his beautiful outlook, Pitt is kind-hearted. He raises many funds for the purpose of helping the poor and the children, now he is not busy with the movie, he is busy with the charity, he has built the charity organization. His personality is full of charming.


  28、霍金的启示 The Enlightenment From Stephen Hawking

  Stephen Hawking is famous all around the word, I get to know him when I was in high school, I learned him from the English book. Though Hawking is disabled at the early age, he never gives up and continues to woke on his job, finally he becomes the great man. Hawking’s story inspires so many people, his spirit gives people the enlightenment.As the movie The Theory of Everything is put into the screen, Stephen Hawking comes to people’s eyesight again. The movie is about Hawking’s life from college to his present life, his love story with his first wife is the main line of the story. Hawking’s wife companied with him after knowing his disease, Hawking’s great success owes partly to his wife’s caring.Besides the support from family, Hawking’s spirit of never giving up makes him success. After knowing the horrible disease, he chose to face it and struggle with it, he continued to keep his study, finally he makes different and becomes the great man.Hawking’s story is so inspiring, his legend is still going on. The enlightenment he gives to people is very precious.


  29、学生对老师的评价 Students’ Evaluation On Teachers

  There is no doubt that all the teachers will spare no effort to teach students, but sometimes they just don’t realize what they give to students is no working all the time. Now the schools have carried out the police that students need to give evaluation to the teachers, in my opinion, this policy is good, teachers can know more about themselves.When students make commence about the teachers, teachers can know how the students think about them in the class. Students are the main anticipants, they have the right to make judgment, teachers are not in the dominant place, what they do should put the students in the first place.When the teachers know how the students react about their teaching methods, they can make some adjustion and do better in the following. As teachers, of course they will think they are teaching well, but for most students, they will think what the teachers said is boring. So only when the students give reaction to the teachers will the teacher know they need to make some changes.Students’ evaluation on teachers is very helpful in improving the teaching quality.


  30、旅游焕发新心情 Travel Brings New Mood

  I like to travel, since I go to college, I have traveled to many places. Every time I go to the new place, I will be very excited and learn the things. Travel is like a lesson for me, because I will broaden my vision and enrich my experience, when I finish the journey, I will come back with the new mood.My travel to Tibet impresses me so much, it was July, I went to Tibet with my friends. We took the train, we were so excited, watching the scenery all the way, we saw the flatland, there were less green, which was so different from our place. When the train was close to Tibet, I felt so tired and I couldn’t use my power, I knew it altitude sickness, it took me many hours to get used to it. Tibet has different color in different season, for me, its beautiful scenery is color on the way, I am not interested in its tourist site, I like its natural color.The trip to Tibet brings me many knowledge, I experience many things, all of these are precious for me and I have the new mood to my life.


  31、工作的烦恼 The Annoyance On the Job

  I am a college student, this is my fourth year in the college, which means that I will graduate soon. Nowadays, many of my classmates have taken the action to find the job interview, while I tell myself to calm down, actually, I have no idea about my future, so I haven’t taken the action.When the graduate season comes, students have to worry about their jobs, for me, I have many annoyances, first, I don’t know which city should I go. On the one hand, I want to stay in the present city that I live, because I have many college students here, I can fight my career with them, we can also take a drink when we have time. But on the other hand, if I want to stay in this city, it means I have to be far away from home. I want to stay with my family, my parents want to see me and I want to accompany them, working at my hometown is a perfect idea for me. Now I still don’t know how to choose, once I have made the decision, I have to give up something.Before I make the best choice for me, i won’t find the job interview.


  32、妇女节 Women’s Day

  Today is Women’s Day, early in the morning, I opened the computer and read the news. I found most people planned to give their mothers the surprise, until then did I realize that I should do something to my mom, she took care of us all the time, now she deserved to have a rest. So my father and I planned something for her.My father and I told my mother she should take a rest in this day, so my mother went to find her friends and went to shopping. My father and I decided to buy her a necklace, my mother wanted to have a necklace for a long time, but she thought it would spend a lot of money, so she gave up. My father and I went to the jewelry shop, we chose a necklace for my mother and she would be very happy.When we went back home, we started to cook the dinner, after a while, my mother came back. When she saw the dishes, she laughed, then my father took out the necklace, my mother was very surprised, she couldn’t say a word. I wish my mother happy all the time.


  33、女子不如男? Women Are Not Equal With Men?

  Women and men make up of the world, In many countries, women and men are never really equal, it has been admitted that men have advantages over women since they are born. So most people accept the idea that women are not as capable as men. In my opinion, women and men are different, there is no need to compare them.Women and men are different genders, it is obvious that men are stronger than women, so they have more power to do the physical work. In tradition, men have the responsibility to raise the family, so their main duty is to earn money. For women, their main duty is to do the house work, they cook the dinner and clean the house. Some people think that earn money is bigger thing, so they think men are capable than women.Different gender means different ability, men are good at physical work, while women are good at house work, both of the work are not easy to do. If you ask a man to do the house work, they even can’t finish it.In a word, women and men work in the different way, there is no idea that which are more capable.


  34、自行车的 The Popularity of Bicycle

  It has been two years for me not to go to my city, when I went back there last week, I found there were many orange bicycles on the street, it was said that the government wanted to popularize the bicycle, I think it is a good idea. As more and more people have private cars, the traffic congestion happens all the time, the popularity of bicycle will ease such situation, at the same time, it is good to people’s health.We have the great amount of population, it has been reported that almost every family has a private car, it means the traffic jams will be surely happen. As the government advocates people to use the bicycle, they build the road for bicycle, so some people will choose to ride bicycle. In this way, the traffic will be much more influent.Riding the bicycle can make people get exercise. I always see some people riding the bicycle to exercise their bodies, they are group and look so fit, I can tell from their body shapes. Riding the bicycle is so leisure, people can see all the scenery, making their body and soul healthy.The green life is the trend, the bicycle will be popular again.


  35、如何度过周末 How to Spend the Weekend

  When weekends come, everyone is happy about that, because they don’t need to work and can do what they want. Some people will choose to stay at home and watch TV all the time, some will choose to go shopping, while for me, I’d like to go out. I want to see the different things and refresh my mood. I always make some plans for my weekend.Sometimes I will ask my friends to go to watch the movies or we go out for the gourmet. I like to see movie so much, watching the movie is like reading a book, my mind will gain things and I will feel satisfied. Eating the delicious food is the things I will do mostly, I like to find the new food, and ask my friends to enjoy it. We will talk happily while eating the delicious food.I am busy from Monday to Friday, I don’t have much time to take exercise, so I will go hiking with my friends on weekend. We will bring little food and take a backpack, heading to the park or beautiful mountain. We can enjoy the beautiful scenery, at the same time, to exercise our bodies.My weekend is full of plans and I enjoy them all.


  36、如何打发雨天的日子 How to Spend the Rainy Days

  For most people, they don’t like the rainy days, because they can do nothing but staying at home all the time. I used to hating the rainy days, but I start to find a way to spend these days, I can also enjoy the great time. The rainy hours go so far for me.When the rainy days come, I will ask my friend to go out with me, we will go to a coffee shop and then sit down, taking the drink. The interesting thing is besides talking to my friends with their daily life, I will be just watching people walking by. I like to read people’s face expression, though of course it will be totally right for me. It just likes I am in the movie, imitating the protagonist to sit down here. It is so romantic for me.The second thing I will do is to watch movie. I will not go to the theater, because the rain will drop on me and make me wet, so I will download some films on my computer and then watch it. The time to watch movie makes the time flies, when I finish a movie, the rain always stops.I am so happy I can enjoy myself in the rainy days.


  37、放鞭炮 Playing Firecracker

  The Spring Festival comes, it is the biggest day for Chinese people, as a child, I am so happy, because I can not only get the lucky money from the relatives, but also can play with my friends. We like to play firecracker very much, we can play it only in the new year, because it is dangerous and we need to take care with it.When I was in my hometown which is a small village, I could play firecracker anywhere, people would not blame me for playing the firecracker, but when I moved to the city, I found people less play it, if they want to play the firecracker, they need to stay away from the crowed. Indeed, it is necessary for people to play it in the remote zone, the firecracker will get exploded in a moment, so it will hurt the people.When we play the firecracker, we must learn to protect ourselves, too. Once the firecracker is lighted, we need to react quickly and drop it right now. As the firecracker will explode in two seconds, we also need to react in the short time.Playing firecracker brings people a lot of fun, but we need to take care.


  38、如何定义幸福 How to Define Happiness

  When I was small, my parents always told me that I must study hard, so that I would make a lot of money and could live a happy life. To my parents, they think happiness means the bright future and money. But now as I grow up, I keep thinking about what is happiness, my recognition about happiness is very different from my parents’.In my eye, the meaning of happiness is very simple, it could be the small things which makes me satisfied. When I make programs in my study, I make my goal come true, I am so proud of myself, it is a happy moment for me. When I stay with my family, I talk to them and they are willing to listen to my words, we communicate happily, I am so happy about it. Well, happiness is such easy for me to touch, because I am so easy to be satisfied.If people tell me that they don’t feel happy, I would say that they want too many things and never satisfied with the things they have. The true happiness is to have less desire.


  39、我的春节计划 My Spring Festival Plans

  The Spring Festival is coming soon, I feel so excited, my parents will be home and get together with me. They are busy all the time and have less vacation, they told me that they would have 7 days off and promised to stay with me. I have made some plans for the coming festival and I can’t wait to carry them out.At the eve of the Spring Festival, my parents decide to go back to my grandparents’ house, we will spend the important day together. It has been three years since we get united last time, I miss the happy atmosphere, we talked so happily. I also miss my grandparents’ food, it is so delicious, my grandma always knows how to satisfy my stomach.I plan to go to the park with my parents, as they are busy all the time, so they want to play with me in this holiday. I can see the beautiful scenery and have a nice talk to my parents, we can challenge some game together.These are my plans, I think I will have a nice vacation with my family.


  40、多小孩的好处 The Advantages of Owing More Children

  Many years ago, there were so many population in China, in order to control the fast increasing number of the population, the government carried out the family plan, every family was admitted to have one child. Now the policy has changed, people can have one more child, this will bring positive change for a family.Having one more child can foster the children with the quality of patience and independence. The parents are easy to pay all their attention to the only child, so they will spoil the child naturally. But having two children can deviate the parents’ attention, so the children will not be spoiled, they grow up with each other, in the long run, they will become more patient and independent, because they need to take care of each other.There also will be more fun in the family. Seeing the children playing with each other, the parents will be happy, they have a happy family, it brings them comfort in the hard work and strengthens the relationship. The advantages of owning more children are so obvious, thus many people choose to own one more child.


  41、我对圣诞节的记忆 My Memory About Christmas Day

  Christmas Day is on December 25th, though it originated in the western country, now it is popular around the world. In China, people will spend that day happily, they will eat apples on Christmas Eve, the children will put the socks so that they could get the presents from Santa Claus. When I went to college, I had an unforgettable memory about my first Christmas Day.As my major is English, I have many foreign teachers, so that I could have access to the local culture from them. Christmas Day is a big day for them, when the day came, they asked us to spend the day with them, because most of them left home and did not have families around. My classmates and I went to the foreign teacher’s home at that day, we brought some presents, when we arrived at his house, we found a beautiful tree with shinning lights. My teachers taught us how to cook all the cookies, we were having such great fun. I made the cookies with many favors. We talked happily and sung Christmas songs.I learned how the foreign people spend their big day, it was such unforgettable for me.


  42、社会实践 Social Practice

  College students need to take part in the social practice before they graduate, many universities encourage students to do it, they have some policies to support students to carry on social practice. It is obvious that social practice is very important for college students, students can gain a lot from it.First, students can contact to the real world, they can learn to deal with the things which they will meet in the future. Students always keep their study in the campus, what they have learned is from the book, but they don’t have the chance to practice it, social practice provides them the chance. Students can make their knowledge useful.Second, social practice is very helpful in finding jobs for students. When students come to the job market, the employers pay special attention to the working experience, social practice belongs to it, it helps students stand out and win the chance to take the job interview. The employers think you can handle some situations because of your social practice.There is no doubt that students should join the social practice, it is very useful to help students in improving their ability and gaining the job interview.


  43、考研热降温了 The Decreasing Number of Postgraduate Candidates

  When college students come to the graduate season, most of them are in favor of being public servants and getting further study, these two choices are most welcomed. The number of postgraduate candidates has been increasing these years, while in this year, the number finally gets down, the reasons are various.First, the government made some changes in treating postgraduates. Before, for most postgraduates, they didn’t need to pay for the tuition fee, the government paid for them, but now, the government is no longer pay for them because of the great amount. The postgraduates have to pay a lot of money, as they are grow up enough, some thinks they should not spend parents’ money, so they decide not to study further.Second, as finding the job is becoming more and more fierce, some students think it is better to find their own position in the society, if they take more time to study, some good jobs will be taken by other people. They would rather to spend the time to gain working experience, because that is what jobs need.Though some people become less passionate on further study, it doesn’t mean study is not important, it means people have more choices.


  44、亦师亦友 Friends and Teachers

  I am getting my internship now, I am being an English teacher in a college, I really enjoy being a teacher, passing my knowledge to the students, I also like to communicate with my students, we share own opinion and talk happily. During those internship days, I realize that a good teacher should also be the students’ friend.As a teacher, my duty is to teach my students with my knowledge, I will do my best to teach them, making them learn knowledge at the easiest way. At the same time, I also need to improve myself, so that I will keep pace with the world and refresh my knowledge, teaching my students with the newest information.As a friend, the students are willing to talk to me, they like to share their happiness and sorrow with me, they need a listener and I am their best choice. Being the students’ friend closers our distance, I can get to know them and give my best advice.A good teacher must be a good friend to students, that is what I have learned during my internship days, I want to do my job well in the following days.


  45、圣诞节对我的意义 What Christmas Day Means to Me

  Christmas Day is very popular around the world, when that day comes, we can see the Christmas products sell everywhere, though Christmas Day is not originating from China, in our country, more and more people spend that day. A foreigner pointed out that Christmas meant to be grateful for them, while for Chinese people, it was just a day for celebrating. To me, Christmas indeed means a day to have fun.When I was small, I did not have the concept of Christmas, because in my mind, I only knew Chinese traditional festivals, I liked Spring Festival best, I could get a lot of money from parents. When I went to high school, all of my friends would talk about Christmas Day when the day was near, so I started to know it. Almost every young people like Christmas, but if you ask them what the meaning of the day, less of them can answer.The meaning of Christmas Day is to remind people of Jesus’s birth, it is so important for the western people, but for me, I only want to have fun, everyone is celebrating it, so I join them, being happy, that’s enough for me.

  圣诞节在全世界都很流行,当那天来临的时候,我们可以看到到处都在卖圣诞产品,虽然圣诞节不是起源于中国,但是在我们国家,越来越多的人过圣诞节。有位外国人指出圣诞节对于他们来说意味着感恩,然而对于中国人来说,那仅仅只是用来庆祝的日子。对于我来说,圣诞确实意味着玩得开心。当我还小的时候,我没有圣诞的概念,因为在我的脑海里,我只知道中国的传统节日,我最喜欢春节,我可以从父母那里得到很多钱。当我上高中,我所有的朋友都会在圣诞节临近前谈论它,所以我开始知道圣诞节。几乎所有的年轻人都喜欢圣诞,但是如果你问他们圣诞节的意义,很少人能答得上。圣诞节的意义在于提醒人们耶稣的诞辰,这对于西方人来说是很重要的,但是对于我来说,我只是想要玩得开心,大家都在庆祝它,所以我加入他们, 我很开心,这就足够了。

  46、报纸与电脑 newspaper and computer

  As the development of the Internet, the traditional way of reading daily news has been challenged, more and more people trend to read news online, while still some people insist on reading it on the newspaper. People argue which is the best way for reading news, in my opinion, there is no best way, different people choose different manner.Reading news online is fast and paying for free. Most young people get used to it, they use the computer every day, so that they count on the computer to receive the all kinds of information. Reading the newspaper is troublesome, they don’t like to hold the paper, it is not convenient.While still many people like to read on the newspaper. Especially the old generation, before the popularity of computer, they read the news from the newspaper, they get used to this manner, even the computer is convenient, they just like to keep this habit.The ways to read news are various, there is no need to compare them. I’d prefer to read it on the Internet, but sometimes I find reading it newspaper brings me fun when I have breakfast.


  47、学会放弃 Learn to Give Up

  When we encourage people, we will always tell them not to give up, they can be successful if they insist. “Never give up” have been the inspiring words, people accept them as the positive life attitude. However, sometimes if people insist all the time and never change, these inspiring words are not wise to keep.People should learn to give up sometimes. Parents think study is very important, so they ask their kids to insist to learn and go to college. But the fact is that not all the kids are good at study, some kids are not interested in study, they are good at other things. Parents should not push their children to go to college, the kids can learn the things they are good at, like cooking, amending cars and so on. Going to college is not the only way to be successful, learning the practical skills also makes them successful.People must know clearly what they are insisting, if they keep the right direction, they should insist, but if they keep the wrong direction, they need to give up and open another new chapter of their lives.


  48、评论电影的权利 The Right to Make the Commence On the Movie

  We all like to see the movie, American movies are popular around the world, its plot and technical skill take the lead, so everybody loves to see American movies. The producers have to accept the audiences’ bad commence, but some are not.Recently, a famous guy made a bad commence on the hot movie, many people read his commence and decided not to see the movie. The producer saw this and condemned the guy for being not able to appreciate the movie, then the guy fought back and satire the producer to refuse to accept the audience’s bad commence.This incidence soon became hot news, people love to see the guy and producer fight. In my opinion, everyone has the right to make the commence on the movie, whether he is famous or not. The producers must learn to accept it, though it indeed affects his profit, if they want to attract more audience, they must make the movie with high quality instead of making ads.


  49、自律不容易 Self-behave Is Not Easy

  When people are in the public, they have the sense that they should not speak loudly in the public place and they should not jump the line and so on, these are rules for them, though it is not the law makes it, but the power of morality. Self-behave seems easy to do, but when the great temptation comes, self-behave will be changed quickly.It has been reported that in Hong Kong, a police car which was loaded with crash attracted many people to grab the money when the crash slipped down from the police car. It was such crazy, the money should be handed to the band, while on its way to the bank, people grabbed some and then left quickly. Two days later, the police found back most of the money, some people who refused to return the money were caught into the prison.Self-behave is not easy, people are easy to obey the public rules on the small issues, while when the great temptation comes, these rules are easy to be broken. The one who can refuse to the great temptation can say he is totally self-behave.


  50、常回家看看 Going Home Often

  The Mid-autumn Day is coming soon, for the young people, it is the time for them to come back home and together with the families. In China, most young people are far away from home when they have work, they fight for their future, at the same time, they have less time to visit their parents. We should go home often and spend more time to talk to our parents.Recently, as the Mid-autumn Day comes, some people have done the research, for the purpose of figuring out the situation of the young people’s time with their parents. It is said that most young people leave their parents and move out when they graduate from college, since then, they have less time to visit their parents. Most of them come home less than once a month, it has been calculated that the rest of the young people’s time with their parents is about a month! If the young people know the limited time, they will grasp the time and come home often.


  51、成为一名伴娘 To be a Bridesmaid

  About a month ago, I got my friend’s invitation, she told me that she would be married in a month, she hoped me to be his bridesmaid, I felt so happy for her and I also felt excited to be her bridesmaid. Last night, I finished my bridesmaid job and the memory still lingers on my mind.When my friend’s big day came, all the bridesmaids need to wake up early up in the morning and waited to be made up. We dressed the purple dresses, when we were ready, I found the bridesmaids looked almost the same, but we were pretty. After a while, I saw my friend, she was get ready, too, all of us were so chocked by her wonderful look, she was gorgeous, no wonder people said that to be a bride is the most beautiful.When the bridegroom came, we hided the bride, and asked him to played the game, the first was to ask him to call his bride in ten ways. The second was to ask him some privacy about the bride, at last, the bridegroom picked up my friend to his home.The experience of being a bridesmaid is so wonderful, I witness my friend’s happiness and I wish I could be the next bride.


  52、我朋友的婚礼My Friend’s Wedding

  As the holiday comes, I was asked to come to my friend’s wedding, I felt so excited, this is my first time to see a wedding. I was so impressed by the situation. Marriage is sacred, when the couple gets combined, it means so much, I also broaden my vision at the great ceremony.When it was almost about five o’clock in the afternoon, I was ready to go out of my house and headed to the restaurant, because it was my friend’s wedding, I was so excited to witness her happiness. When I arrived the place, my friend and her husband came to welcomed me, I gave them a big hug, and then I found a table to sit down after I headed them the money.When the wedding ceremony began, my friend and her husband gave their vows to each other and then kissed, I was so moved, my tear came out of my eyes, I was happy for them and wished them all the happiness.Joining my friend’s wedding changes me, before I was a little afraid of getting married, because I fear the responsibility, but now I not afraid, I feel the happiness, I wish I could find the one soon.


  53、我将来的计划 My Future Plans

  When I chose to study further, it is because I want to avoid the job pressure, now three years will pass, I come to my cross road again, at this time, I must make my choice, I can’t avoid the pressure anymore. I have already made my future plan, it has two parts.One part of my future plan is that I want to be a teacher. This is my career plan, being a teacher is always my dream, I can pass my knowledge to students, I like to talk to them, I want to lead them to the successful road. So now I must pay attention to the recruit message, I should seize every chance to be a teacher.The other part of my future plan is that I want to travel around the world. Being a teacher can make me have many vacations, so I can make used of these vacations and to carry out my travel plan. I have heard about many interesting foreign things, so I want to go out and have a look at the world.My future plans are so perfect for me, it needs me to hard work to make it come true.


  54、财富从天而降 Fortune Comes From the Sky

  Suppose this, one day, when you wake up, you get the message that you have hit the big fortune, what will you react to this?This is exactly the same thing happens to me, though I have heard thousands of times that I must be treated, seeing the great temptation of iphone and ipad, I still want to figure out the message. At last, it turns out that fortune will never come from the sky, I lost few money on the call.Though people have been told many times that the fortune will never come without hard work, when the message comes to tell them they hit the big luck, people can’t refuse to check it out, they still hold the idea that if the message is true, they don’t have to work so hard and can do what they want. The fact is that people’s desire is infinite, they want to get the money while without hard work. As the saying that no pain, no gain, the right attitude towards fortune is to gain by the hard work.There is no fortune that will come from the sky, only by hard working will people create their own fortune.


  55、小小明星 The Little Stars

  Today, as the media are so developed, people get famous much easier than before. As the celebrities, they earn much money, thus many young people want to be famous. Now even the little children can find the way to be famous. Some people treat the children as the tool to make money, what they do is not good for the children.There are many TV live show, the audience are so curious about the celebrities’ private life, so the producers pay a lot of money to invite the celebrities’ families to come the live show. As the show is new and can satisfy the audience’s curiosity, so the live show become a great success, many children are known to the audience, they get fame in the early age.In order to make money, some celebrities let their children expose in the media all the time, when they join the commercial activities, they bring their kids just for catching the audience and the media’ attention. In the long run, their kids lose childhood and also miss some time for education.Children should be na?ve and go to school, thus they can grow in a better way.


  56、她和她男友们的故事 She and Her Boyfriends’ Stories

  If you ask who is the hottest female singer in the world, there is no doubt that it belongs to Taylor Swift. In America, everyone knows Taylor Swift, who is a sweet and talented singer, she writes all her songs, what’s more, all of her songs are very popular. While the media know it clearly that Taylor likes to write her boyfriends into the songs, so they like to play her jokes.Early when Taylor is not that as popular as today, her album is like the teenager girl’s diary, many of her songs describes a girl’s emotion, it tells about the teenager love. When her album later comes out, the style of her songs are changed, the worlds are more broken hearted, some songs told about a story of a boy how to betray his girlfriend. Taylor catches the media’s attention, they pay special attention to her love affair, so people start to guess her songs are about her boyfriends’ stories. The funny thing is that Taylor has admitted the fact.Now the media likes to play joke on Taylor’s boyfriend, they say when Taylor’s next song comes out, it is about him.


  57、被骗的经历 The Experience of Being Cheated

  Today, as the media develop so fast, people can have access to all kinds of message, they can get the message through the phone, the commercial ads, the Internet and so on, but the developed media also provide some bad guys the ways to cheat people’s money. People must keep an eye on the information, so they won’t be cheated.I have the experience of almost getting cheated. One day, when I was at home, I got a call, at first, i did not know who called me, the person said he was my teacher, he called my name and told his name to me. I could recognize my teacher’s voice, the person in the phone was my teacher’s voice, so I let down my guard, and talked happily. At last, my teacher asked me to send some money to his credit card, because he hadn’t carried cash. At the moment, I felt so curious, my teacher would never did such thing, he was a good teacher, so I called my teacher with his another number, until then I realized that I almost got cheated, my teacher was at home at the moment.The experience of being cheated teaches me a lesson, I will be very careful when it comes to the money.


  58、影响找工作的因素 The Factors Affect Finding a Job

  I will graduate soon, so I am so busy finding my future job, at first, I have no idea what kind of job I should take, I want to live near home, so I can see my parents often, what’s more, I also want to find the job which is stable and permanent. There are many factors that affect people to find a job, the location and the stability are the most common factors.People are willing to find the job which is near home, so they can visit their parents now and then and won’t be feeling lonely. Working far away from home deviates people from their parents, they will homesick, when they feel frustrated, there is no way for them to get comfort from parents. Home is always the harbor for people to get comfort.The stability is another important factor for people to considerate. People don’t want to change their jobs often, so they want to find the job which can work for a lifetime, even though the money is not that much, the sense of stability comforts people.I take both factors when I find a job, no matter where I go, I always put my family in the first place.


  59、抓住机遇 Seize the Opportunity

  I will graduate next year, now I start to worry about my future, I don’t know what kind of job I should work on, I see the job hunting information from the Internet, I don’t know whether I should take the chance. My teacher told me that I need to take every chance, so that I will find what I want.Graduate season is a sad and busy season. After four years’ study, it is time to say goodbye to your classmates, the building of the deep relationship makes it hard to say goodbye. At the same time, finding a job is the most important thing for students, because they need to find their places in the society. As there are many opportunities for graduate students, they always don’t know how to do.I have learned that I should take every chance when they job offer comes, even though I need to go to a far place to get the interview and there will be some money that I need to spend. But I will learn many things and become more competitive.When the opportunity comes, I will take no hesitation to seize it.


  60、如何成为一名好老师 How to Be a Good Teacher

  To be a teacher is always my goal, when I go to school, I was so admired the teachers, they not only taught us with all kinds of knowledge from the books, but also taught us how to be a good person. While to be a good teacher is not easy, I must learn to respect the students and care about them, in this way, I can do the good job.To be a good teacher, first, I must learn to respect my students. As the students are under mature, they have no idea what is wrong and what is right, so they will make mistakes all the time, at that time, I must deal with their mistakes carefully. I should respect them and then talk to them instead of judging them.Second, I should care about my students. I am not only teach them knowledge, but also their friend, so I should talk to them often, trying to get to know their situations and learn to know the changes happen in them.To be a good teacher is not easy, so I work hard on it, I believe I can be a good teacher.


  61、无法抑制的购买欲 The Uncontrolled Purchase Desire

  Now the single day comes, it is on December 11th, people admit this day as a day for the person who has no girlfriend or boyfriend, but this day has lately became a shopping day, because on that day, shopping online will give people a great discount, since then, more and more people are willing to shopping online on the single day, I am one of them, I just can’t stopping buying things.I like to go to shopping, when I see the beautiful dress, I will take no hesitation to buy them, I just can’t control my mind. Since shopping online develops fast, I find an easy way to buy things, there are all kinds of styles, I feel I lack them all, so I want to buy them. When the single day comes, I couldn’t resist the temptation from the great discount, I want to buy the clothes which will be in great discount. In the long term, I have no place to put on my clothes.My uncontrolled purchase desire annoys me all the time, I realize that I must get rid of it, so I tell myself to stop buying, I must learn to control my desire.

  如今光棍节就要到来了,那是在十一月十一号,人们默认那天属于那些没有女朋友或者男朋友的人,但是这个日子最近慢慢演变成了购物节,因为在那一天,网上购物有很大的优惠,打从那时候起,越来越多的人愿意在光棍节买网上购物,我就是期中一个,我就是无法停止买东西。我喜欢逛街,当我看见美丽的裙子的时候,我会毫不犹豫就买,我就是不能控制自己的思想。自从网上购物的快速发展,我找到了一条容易购物的渠道,网上有各种各样的风格,我感到自己都缺乏这些风格,因此我都想要买。当光棍节到来的时候,我无法抵制这些低折扣的诱 惑,我想要买这些低折扣的衣服。这样下来,我就没有地方来放我的衣服了。我无法控制的购物欲望总是烦扰着我,我意识到我必须摆脱这些欲望,因此我告诉自己停止买东西,我必须学着去控制自己的愿望。

  62、博客使用者记录他们的真实生活 Bloggers Edit Their Real Life

  Blog is very popular in China, it is a communication tool for people to record their life. Especially for the celebrities, they record their daily life, attracting their fans to pay attention to their blogs all the time. Blog provides a stage for people to write down their mood and the colorful life.Whenever you refresh your mini blog, it is quite often that you are dazzled by the new images, someone release their new pictures of the new hairstyle, the new clothes and so on. People like to use blog to record their lifestyle, showing their happiness to others. Glorifying oneself is a natural human instinct, people exaggerate their happiness or strength in the blog, they want to tell people how good they are and let people envy them.The bad thing is that too much exposure of their private life may bring danger to bloggers. If people have the habit the record where they have been all the time, then others will know their track. Some bad guys will follow bloggers and may hurt them.The internet is a place where people can exercise their imagination. Many people edit their real lives and experiences to satisfy their imagination. But they must notice not to let out too much privacy.


  63、为什么女孩喜欢大叔 Why Do Girls Crush On Da Shu?

  When we go down the street, if we take a notice on the couples, we may find that besides those young girls, there are not only young boys, but also Da Shu. Da Shu means these men who are in middle ages,today, many young girls crush on Da Shu, their love for Da Shu have many reasons.On the one hand, Da Shu have stable job which brings girls security. Da Shu have fought for their future for a certain time, so they have earn some reputation and own good income, they can afford almost what the girls want, satisfying the girls in materials. Comparing with the young boys who are struggling for the living and make ends meet, young girls prefer to choose Da Shu.On the other hand, Da Shu have mature mind, their broad vision is such a great charm that attracts the young girls. As Da Shu are not young anymore, they have gone through many difficulties and their life experience are so rich. Young girls haven’t experienced these before, they are so curious about what the Da Shu experienced, like reading an interesting book.Young girls’ affection for Da Shu shows that they are eager to be mature and explore the world, while they should grow up by themselves, instead of putting their emotion on the older men.


  64、护肤之道The Way to Protect the Skin

  When the autumn comes, the air is so dry, people’s skin becomes dry, too, especially for the girls, they can’t stand their skin looks so old, they figure out all the ways to protect their skin and keep their skin smooth. Protecting the skin is very important, it can make people look younger and healthy. There are many ways to protect the skin.First, we need to drink more water. People’s body contains a lot of water, without water, there is no life. Water keeps people alive, when people feel thirsty, their bodies are lacking of water, they need to drink some water to gain the energy. When lacking water, people’s skin will wrinkle, it will make people look old, at this moment, people can drink more water to make the skin smooth.Second, people can buy some skin protecting product, like the oil, they can paste the oil on the skin, the skin will gain some water, thus it will not lose a lot of water. The products are very helpful to keep the skin smooth.Drinking more water and pasting the oil are the best ways to keep the skin smooth, for looking young, let’s protect the skin.


  65、真正的冠军The Real Champion

  As the Asian Game is going on, we can see so many exciting games these days, there are so many champions coming out every day, we are happy for them, because they are working so hard and they deserve it. But still some champions are checked out to take the drugs, they get the championship with the help of the drugs, it is so shameful of them, they are not the real champions.To be a champion is not easy, the athletes must be working hard for a long time, most of them spend day and night to get trained, they have to leave their parents for a long time, they can see their parents when the festival comes. To be the champion is such a great honor, the one who gets the championship without the fair competition should be condemned, he does not respect his rivals, it is so shame on him.Taking the drugs is not the right act, it is unfair to those real working hard rivals, every athlete should take the right attitude about the match. The one who loses in a fair way also deserves people’s respect.


  66、如何与孩子沟通?How to Communicate With Kids?

  As the saying that every family has their issues, the most common issue between families is the communication between parents and children. Most kids would not like to talk about their happiness and sorrow with their parents, they think their parents never really understand them. If the parents want to have nice talk with their kids, they must try to be the kids’ friends.The problem why the kids would not like to talk things with their parents is that the parents always treat their kids as the small ones, so when the kids want to try something they are interested, the parents’ first reaction is to deny the children’s trying, and tell them to do this is na?ve. As the parents always judge what their kids do with their viewpoint, the children feel frustrated and don’t want to talk to their parents gradually.The parents should listen to their kids more, it is better not to give the children judgment right now, to be the kids’ friends will help promote the communication. So when the children tell their plans or interesting things, the parents should just listen to them.


  67、上学的理由The Reasons of Going to School

  When I saw the movie The God Must be Crazy, I was laughing so happily, the movie tells about the uncivilized world and the civilized world, the former is simple and happy while the latter is complicated and sensitive. People nowadays have to go to school since they are small, most students keep studying until they are graduate from college. They go to school for many reasons.they go to school for learning knowledge, so that they can survive in the society. People live in the civilized world, they need to learn all kinds of skills, for the purpose of knowing the world and get used to the environment. Unlike the original world, people hunt for living, they don’t have so many things to learn, all they do is to find the food and keep themselves alive.People go to school also for the purpose of cultivating themselves with good merits. The world is full of regulations and people have the merit consciousness, to be a good person can make them become the member of the public, so people have to learn to be a person with good merit and make a contribution to the society.In a word, people need to go to school to get used to the civilized world.


  68、我最喜欢的电视节目My Favorite Program

  As the fast development of the technology, people can have access to all kinds of high technologies. TV is one of them, since the being of the TV, people can know more about the world and TV brings people a lot of fun. Nowadays, TV program provides various shows, my favorite program is the dating show.Dating show is very hot now, people like to see the boys and girls how to choose each other. In the show, the girls are the guests, they wait for the boys, and then choose the one they like. Of course, the boys also have the rights to choose the girls, only if they can come to the final round.The reason why I like to see the dating show lies in that I can see the young people’s view about the marriage, at the same time, I also can see their lives. The boys and the girls give their own opinion of their views about the marriage, which are very different from our parents’.The dating show program provides people a way to know the young generation’s ideas about marriage, people can learn a lot from the show.


  69、失败是一件坏事吗?Is Failure a Bad Thing?

  Everybody will meet all kinds of difficulties during their lives, of course, they are willing to accept success, but the fact is that no one can win all the time, they will meet failure now and then. Fail is an unpleasant thing to face, people treat fail a bad thing. While for me, I think we can learn from failure and be a better man.Everyone is afraid of facing failure, because failure brings them the sense of frustration. When facing failure, people choose to avoiding talking about it, they feel that they will be looked down upon by others. Indeed, no one likes to failure anything, they want to be successful all the time.If people change their idea about failure, they can see the positive side. There is an old saying that failure is the mother of success, which means that people will learn from failure and make preparation for the success. So failure is not that hard to face, if people take right attitude towards it, they will gain success soon.In a word, failure is not a bad something, it can bring success, only if people treat it right.


  70、网络文明Network Civilization

  As the invention of the computer, people’s life has been changed greatly, they search the Internet to know more about the world. People like to read the hot news on the Internet, and then share their opinion, but some people use the network to assault other people for the purpose of getting famous. The network civilization should be built.In order to be famous, some people use the Internet to say some critical words, so other people will pay attention to them, then they will be on the headline of the news. A man whose name on the Internet called Liu Jishou, he likes to make some comment on the picture which there is a girl or boy, then he uses the mean words. The more mean word he uses, the more fans he gains. This situation reflects people’s attitude toward the Internet civilization. Of course, people are interested in gossip, so they are willing to hear the bad words, their curiosity makes promotes the unhealthy network environment.Internet is the tool for people to communication, people can share the idea and know more about the world, but the network civilization should be on the first place.


  71、自拍成瘾Be Addicted to Taking Picture

  Lately, I read a piece of interesting news, it said Asia has new three treasures, they are the plastic surgery from Korea, transsexualism from Thailand and taking picture from China, it is obvious that people play the jokes about these countries. In China, people indeed like to taking pictures of themselves now and then, some even can’t control themselves, some doctors call this behavior a kinds of illness.People like to take pictures no matter where they are. When we go to the qq zone, we can see our friends’ situations, they will send the pictures on the qq zone, so we can share their information. But as for me, I will feel it nonsense to send the pictures such the food they eat, the clothes they wear and so on. When I have dinner with my friends, the first thing they do is to take the picture instead of enjoying the delicious food.Now some doctors has pointed out that the behavior of being addicted to taking picture is kind of illness. People’s may forces them to take pictures every time. Some people want to attract others’ attention, so they do this. We should open our hearts, enjoy the beautiful scenery with our hearts and minds.


  72、关于国庆节 About National Day

  Among so many festivals, National Day is a vital special one. It is a festival to memorize the state itself, in other words, it is the birthday of China, so it is also the birthday of every Chinese. In October 1, 1949, our nation announced to be independent officially. Thus, since then we start to make October 1 be our National Day.As we mentioned, National Day is a festival for the whole people. Everyone will have a-seven days off from work or study, except for some special industry, because we can’t make everything stopped. This special holiday makes everyone remember this special day. Meanwhile, the purpose of this festival to show the power, confidence, cohesion, and patriotism of the whole Chinese citizen achieve.How to celebrate this festival is an important part. For the nation herself, she is not only gives us a-seven days off, but also does many things for us. Such as, hold the huge ceremony-military review; encourage people from all areas to hold ceremonies; issue highway free policy; open some scenic spots to the public and so on.Anyway, enjoy this festival beyond to everyone! Happy National Day!

  在众多的节日中,国庆节是非常特殊的一个节日。这是一个纪念国家本身的节日,换句话来说,这是中国的生日,所以这也是每个中国人的生日。 我们国家在1949年10月1日正式宣布独立。因此,从那时起我们就开始把10月1日定为国庆节。正如我们提到的,国庆节是一个全民性的节日。所以除了一些特殊行业的人之外,因为我们不可能使所有的事情的停滞的,所有人都可以享受到七天的假期。这个特殊的假期使得每个人都牢记这特殊的一天。同时,这个节日为了展示整个中国国民的力量、自信、凝聚力、以及爱国主义精神等的目标也达到了。如何庆祝这一节日也是很重要的一部分。对于国家自己,她不仅仅给了我们七天黄金周,还为我们做了好多事。比如,举行大型典礼——阅兵式;鼓励各地人们举行典礼庆祝;发布高速免费政策;向公众开放一些风景区等。总之,尽情享受这个属于大家的节日吧!国庆节快乐!

  73、有选择性的读书还是博览群书?Reading Books Selectively or Extensively?

  When the children get six years old, they need to go to school and finish the compulsive education. It has been admitted that reading more books brings people more knowledge and broadens their vision. But some people believe that reading books selectively is the right way. Both ways have their advantages.Reading books selectively helps people get the details of the books. Reading a book needs a lot of time, let alone to study the book, if people choose the book to read, they can have more time to study the details, so they can enjoy the books and know more about the authors’ purpose of writing these books.Reading books extensively can make people know more about the books. People can have the main idea of the books, knowing what the authors have written. The more people read, the more knowledge they can gain. In Chinese old saying, if you read all the books, you will not be afraid of travel around the world.For me, I think people at first should read as more books as possible, when they start to choose the major, then they should read selectively, so they can have more time to study a book.


  74、明智对待名人的隐私Be Wise to the Celebrities’ Privacy

  In the summer, the hottest reality show must be Where Are You Going, Daddy? The show brings the public how the male celebrities get along with their children in the outdoor. People can peer at the famous people’s life, the show satisfies their curiosity. But some crazy fans over search the celebrities’ privacy, making their children in danger.As celebrities’ children, they catch people’s attention since they are born, people are curious about their idols’ privacy, they want to know everything about their idols. So some crazy fans will put their feelings on the celebrities’ children, they want to expose the children’s privacy. This is not good for them.The crazy fans will bring a lot of trouble to their idols. Too much exposure of their privacy will make their idols in danger. Many years ago, a daughter of a famous star was kidnapped, because of the information was open, then the girl was killed. There is not right to open other people’s privacy, the fans should keep a wise mind.


  75、体育锻炼的好处 The Advantages of Doing Physical Exercises.

  As the proverb goes, “no one knows the value of health until he loses it.” From this, we know that health is very important to everybody. But how to keep fit? Many people believe that sports can offer people health and pleasure. As far as I concern, I think doing physical exercises have lots of advantages.First of all, doing exercises in the morning will refresh my body as well as give me a good appetite to eat my breakfast. What’s more, the air in the morning is really fresh and clean, so I can keep my mind clear and sound in the class. By doing physical every day I can keep my mind alert that I can finish my tasks in time. If I do not do any physical exercise, I will feel tired and my body becomes quite sluggish. During the night, I may find it becomes harder to fall asleep. Second, doing exercises everyday will help me to mound a better personality. It takes time and patient to do exercises. Sometimes I just want to give up, but my friends encourage me to carry on, then I feel a lot of satisfaction. Doing physical exercises makes me stronger and healthier. That’s my personal experience.As a student, sports are indispensable. You can pick up your favorite sport and do it every day. Only in this way, you can have both pleasure and a healthy body.


  76、冰桶挑战Ice Bucket Challenge

  What’s the hottest news recently? There is no doubt that it belongs to the ice bucket challenge. It is an activity that held by an American charity organization, it not only helps the sick people to get the money to heal their disease, but also makes more and more people know about the disease, so that they can give more care to the patients.Ice bucket challenge is like the epidemic, this active becomes popular around the world very quickly. The initiator holds the activity to hope people can experience the ALS patients’ pain. In the activity, people need to pour the ice water down from their heads, and then nominate another three people, they can choose to accept the challenge, or donate the 100 dollar, or do the both.The ALS makes people’s muscle become hard, it is hard for the patients to move, Stephen Hocking is one of the patients. This activity makes people know about the illness and the pain that the patients suffer. Ice bucket challenge is a great success, until now, a big donation has been received. I hope the patients become better.


  77、如何对待名人吸毒How to Deal With Celebrities Taking Drags

  Recently, the hot topic must be the celebrities taking drags, they were caught by the police and take the bad example to the public. The deals about the company won’t employ the celebrities who take the drugs has been mentioned, many people agree with it, they think it can warn the celebrities to stay away with the drugs.On the one hand, celebrities taking drugs is such a big incident. For celebrities, they always show the positive side to the audience, it is hard to imagine they will do the wrong thing. As adults, they need to take the responsibility of their behavior, they fail what people expect them to do, so they will be punished.On the other hand, though celebrities are public figures, they are just like every ordinary people, they will make mistakes and need to be given another chance. The deals about never employing them is such a big shock, it means they won’t be forgiven.In my opinion, we should give celebrities another chance, most of them have recognized their mistakes. If the public care them with love, they will feel the hope and won’t take drags again.


  78、免费进入公园好吗?Is It Good to Open the Park For Free

  Every city has many theme parks, the local people like to go to the park for a walk or take some exercise. In China, most parks are free, people can go there without charge, but still some other parks need to charge. People urge that all the parks should be free, while I think it will do harm to the park.One the one hand, opening the parks for free encourages people to go to the park for entertainment. Most people have the habit to take a walk after dinner, so it can help them to keep their bodies healthy. The children can have fun with their friends, too. The parks provide people so much fun, so it is good for people to go to there for free.On the other hand, too many people go to the parks will do harm to the environment. Some people will throw away their trash away, the environment will be polluted. What’s more, the crowed people will make people have less space for them to have fun.For me, I think it is not good to open the parks for free, it needs to control the number of people, so we can protect the environment.


  79、学生使用iPad是否合适?Is It Suitable for Students Using IPad?

  Nowadays, as the development of high technology, people have access to the high technology everywhere. Cell phone is one of them, it updates at least once a year, now iPad has been come out, it is the function that combines cell phone and computer. More and more kids own iPad, some students even bring it to the classroom, I think it is good for them to study.One the one hand, those people who object student to use the iPad in the classroom because they think students will be addicted to the computer games, students will delay their students. IPad has the function as the computer, every child likes to play computer games, if they bring iPad to the classroom, there are more chances that they will not use in the study, instead, they will just for fun.On the other hand, since iPad has the function as the computer, it can help students’ study a lot. Students can use iPad to search the information they want, they can save time to check on the books. What’s more, the information they find is the newest, which could be useful than the books.Bringing iPad to the classroom does help student with their study a lot, people should make use of the high technology, they should not reject to it because of the negative effect.


  80、同性之爱Gay Love

  As the society develops, the love is no more defined as the relationship between girls and boys, it is also existed between boys and boys, girls and girls. The gay love is the new hot issue in the new century, unlike the old days, the gay love was thought to be taboo love, people at that time took it as a shame, they never talked about it. But today, more and more people are starting to accept gay love, they are willing to give space to gay love. In my opinion, gay love is the normal love in human being’s emotion, it was depressed before, now people start to chase human rights, they realize that there is no need to be shameful for their different emotion. Some people are born to have special feelings about the same gender guy, we should understand them, give them space, they are just ordinary people.


  81、如何选专业?How to Choose the Major?

  When students finish their high school, most of them will to go study in college, the first thing they do is to choose the major. Choosing the major is a big problem for every college student, not only for Chinese students, but also for the students around the world. Students will face the factors such as their interest is more important or the future of the major worth being first concerned.On the one hand, most parents care about the future of the major. When students decide the major, parents will interfere with their own opinion, they want their children can have a bring future, so they care much about the needed talent of the society. Thus the children can find a promising job and earn more money.On the other hand, students want to choose the major that they are interested. This is often contradicting with their parents’ opinion. Some students want to learn art, but most parents won’t be allowed it because it is hard for students to find a job. Everyone admits that interest is the first factor, with it, students will feel happy.When choosing the major, students should considerate their parents’ opinion, most parents are open-minded, they will respect the kids’ willingness.


  82、关于借钱给人的问题About Borrowing Money to Others

  Borrowing money is a sensitive issue, some friends become strangers because of borrowing money. The problem of borrowing money to others is that less them will return or they will not return in time. As for me, I will measure the friends, to see if they are worth to be trusted.For those friends whom I get so familiar with, I will borrow money to them with hesitation. Some friends such as the ones who grow up with me from my childhood, I trust them totally. We get so familiar with each other, knowing each other so well, so there is no doubt that they will return my money. They are the real friends, they share happiness and sorrow with me, so they worth to be trusted.For those friends whom I don’t get so familiar, I need to take consideration. If the one who gets bad reputation, I will make some excuses and avoiding borrowing money to him. To the one who I am not so sure whether he will return, I will make some discount, giving him small part of the money, telling him there is no need for him to return, thus our friendship won’t be hurt, at the same time, he won’t ask me again.Everyone will go through the hard time, they need help, but we must measure whether they worth to be trusted, or we will lose our money.


  83、工作的价值 The Value of Work

  When it comes to the topic “What’s the value of work?”, different people hold different points of view.A group of people think that work is just a method for living. They hope that they could spend as little as possible to earn as much money as possible. The more money they make and the less time they spend, the more value the work has. Put that in another way, the value of work is measured in terms of money.Some think that we should work for our dreams. We do the job just because we love it. Focusing time and energy on what we love makes us fulfilling. The purpose for which we work should be making contribution to society’s development and at the same time improving ourselves.In my opinion, I agree that work is equipment. But that’s not all work of value. When choosing work, we should measure the reward and our dream. I am sure that people would put more efforts into the things they like, and someday they will get anything they deserve in return. And that’s the value of work in my mind.


  84、重读高中是否好?Is It Good to Repeat High School Study?

  Every year there are high school students joining the college entrance exam in June, then in July, the scores come out, students start to choose colleges. Some students won’t get the ideal results, most of them want to repeat high school study in order to join the exam again. In my opinion, it is not a wise choice.On the one hand, repeating the high school study takes a year for students, they are in the different stage with the other students. Such students are in the awkward situation, they are older than other students, what’s more, everybody knows that they have failed the important exam once. So the students who repeat their study in the high school are under great pressure, it is not good for their mental health.On the other hand, going to the college is not the only choice, repeating the high school doesn’t mean the students can enter the good college, they will probably fail again. Students can go to the vocational school, learning the special skill, they can find a good job, too. The society is in need of the talents who own skill.Though not everyone will enter the ideal college, life is still going on, students need to move on, and find the right places.


  85、随它去吧 Let It Go

  Sometimes, we may feel uncomfortable and unhappy. However, what makes us so upset on earth? There are different reasons for different people. When we are sorrowful, we should tell ourselves that there are still various beauties in the world. What we should do is that we must take actions to find them.When we get into trouble, we always tell ourselves that we can't cry, because crying is not useful for us. And if we just cry and don't do anything, we will become more passive. Although crying can't solve any complicated problems, and maybe we will get a terrible mood finally, crying can give us a release, and it is helpful for us. So what I want to say is that we should follow ourselves emotions. When we indeed want to cry, we shouldn't limit ourselves to avoid crying. Please just give ourselves a space where we can be loyal to our heart and we don't need to think over any meaningless things. Thus, we can let ourselves get a peaceful environment. Don't suppress our inner emotions. Just let it go.Also, when we meet some situations that we have tried our best to solve, but the result is that we can't change anything, then we should have a consciousness of "Let it go". Maybe we are not willing to give it up, but we must realize that if we always make great efforts, but we still can't gain the satisfactory result, we should convince ourselves not to insist on it. Let us acquire a great mood, and just let it go. Because we are not regretful, we have experienced it.In a word, for some things, we should hold that attitude of "Let it go". However, the premise is that we have done our best for them, and we have gotten some significant experience from them. Thus, we can learn more knowledge and have a good mood.


  86、独自生活还是与人合居?Living Alone or Living With Roommates?

  Living alone or living with roommates? Conclusions differ from man to man. Some people suppose that everyone should live alone to develop their sense of independence, on the contrast, somebody agrees that they should live with others and make friends with others.When you choose to live alone, you may feel pretty free at first. You don't need to care anyone in your dormitory, and just do what you want to do. For example, when you want to see movies until midnight, and nobody will prevent you from doing that. What's more, you can sing loudly and call your good friends to come to play together. You will always have your own room and own time but you may feel lonely after a few days.Although we may think good of living alone, in my opinion, living with roommates is better. Why? Because everyone will be in trouble sometimes. When you are studying in your dormitory, you may encounter some difficult problems and you can't find out the answers by yourself. At this time, you will ask your roommates for help. Living with roommates, you can not only get help when you're in trouble, but also develop your ability to get alone with anyone.In conclusion, living with roommates is better than living alone for me.


  87、雾霾带来的警示The Warning of the Haze

  Since the development of the technology, the society gets modernized, people make use of the high technology to pursue more profit. Though the government has noticed the problem that people do to the environment, they still can’t prevent negative result that the polluted environment brings.Many years ago, the most prominent problem of the polluted environment is that the river and the water were changed their color, some fish even died for the polluted river. Now the situation becomes ever worse, lately, in the big city, like Beijing and Shanghai, people are annoyed by the bad weather. It is not the rainy day, but the haze around the sky, there is no way for people to run away for it. The haze contains toxic elements, people breathe it and hurt their bodies.The haze problem is the result of people’s pursuit for the profit, what people did to the environment now has been paid back by the environment. Now people have realized the revenge from the nature is so huge, protecting the environment is the main task. No matter how bad the environment is, people still need to do something to fix their mistake.


  88、孩子是否该带手机去学校 Whether Should Children be Allowed to Bring Cell phones to School

  Recently, there was a heated discussion over children's education. The question under debate is that whether children should be allowed to bring cell phones to school. When asked about this, options are divided. For the supporters, they think that they can keep in touch with their kids so that they can exactly know what happens to them. And if there is anything bad occurs they could give their kids guidance at the first time.When my eyes caught this topic, my mind began its search for the better one. Although cell phones have played an increasing important role in our common life, which brings us a lot of benefits, I do not think it's wise to allow our kids to bring cell phones. First of all, the cell phones equipped with many entertainments will become a time-killer. Kids will spend their precious time in playing games instead of studying. And then what's worse, there may also be phenomenon of life comparison among children which will do great harm to them. Last but equally important is that radiations from mobile phone which may have a detrimental effect on children's body health.Taking all these into consideration, we can reach the conclusion easily that children should not be allowed to bring cell phones to school.


  89、母亲的唠叨Mother’s Chatter

  There is no doubt that mother is so great, she is the one who gives us life and takes care of us all the time. Most mothers master the housework, in the long run, they get use to tell their kids things in a garrulous way. This is what kids’ annoyance, they are not patient to hear what their mothers say, while mother’s chatter is a sign of love.mother’s babbling about the things seems to be every mother’s nature. When you ask someone how the mother talks to him or she, you will get the common answer, that is the mother keeps talking in the unfinished way, the children are so impatient to hear what their mothers say. As for me, when my mother starts to ask me to notice some safe problems, I don’t want to hear it, because she has told me many times before.While though mother talks in a way that most children don’t like, the mother does this because of love. Every mother loves their children so much, they just want to make sure their children be safe and sound. The children should try to understand their mothers, listen to them all the time, or least act like a mature guy, then they will be less babbling to you.


  90、网络聊天更真实?Chattering Online Are More Real?

  Since there so many negative news about the Internet are reported on the newspaper, it is believed that online chattering is such dangerous that people should never tell their real information when talk to strangers. Recently, it is reported that people are more willing to tell their real information online, is it true? I think so, but we still need to protect ourselves.People are willing to give their real information because they want to be the real one and seek for comfort. People are living in a fast-pace city, they are under great pressure, they need to hind the real themselves for the purpose of better survivor. When chatting online, they don’t have burden to the stranger, so they are telling the real situation, be the real themselves and give out their pressure. Online chatting seems to be more sincere.Online talking provides a way for the bad guy to do the criminal thing. Some bad guys will use the Internet to do the immoral deal or cheat the young boys and girls. So people need to take care, don’t leak out too much real information, never meet the strangers alone.


  91、中国建党日 The China Communist Party Day

  In 1941, The Communist Party of China had decided that July 1st is the China Communist Party Day. As we all know, the communist party of China is China's vanguard of the working class as well as the vanguard of the Chinese nation. CPC is the core of leadership for the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, on behalf of the development of China's advanced productive forces, represent the direction of Chinese advanced culture, represent the fundamental interests of most people in China. The party's highest ideal and ultimate goal is to realize communism.We are all proud of the historic achievements of the Party and the people. The Chinese people firmly advocate the leadership of Chinese communist party. Under the China communist party leadership, the Chinese people and our country have made great changes. The CPC is loading implementation the Chinese nation is great revived historical mission. At this moment, our people live in a better life and a better society. As a student, I think we should study harder and make contribution to our country. Only in this way, we can make our Chinese dream come true.


  92、香港回归日 The Return Day of Hong Kong

  On July 1st, 1997, this day was a very meaningful day for every Chinese. On this special day, after Great Britain had occupied it for 155 years and Japan had occupied it during the World War II, Hong Kong has finally returned to our motherland, China.In 1842, after the government of Qing dynasty had lost battle for Great Britain, China had to sign an unfair contract, the treaty of Nanking with the England. According to the contract, Hong Kong would be ruled by the Great Britain for 99 years.Deng Xiaoping, who had made great contribution to the return of Hong Kong, first put forward the policy “one country, two systems”, try to rule the country by this way. The history has proved that we walk on the right path. Under the one country two-system policy, the whole country develops fast and stable.This year is the 17th year after Hong Kong has returned to China. The History has told us that lagging behind, you’ll be bullied and humiliated. We should look into the future, but never forget about the past. Try our best to build our country into a strong and prosper one.


  93、纪律问题 Rules

  Nowadays, some discussions about the children's education and management have raised the whole social concern. It seems not only about children's personal development, but also about the whole country's future.There are two main views in debate, which of them is that children should obey the rules set by parents and teachers. The other is that less control will help children to deal with their future adult life.As for the former, the advantages of it seem to be very apparent, which of them is that children can make a distinction between right and wrong things. And they will have a sense of principle and responsibility. Of course, the disadvantages are also very clear. Firstly, children will be lacking in imagination and creation. Secondly, they cannot make up their mind on their own.Concerning the latter, the view seems to be reasonable because in this ways these children are more clever and active to create something special. However, the drawbacks couldn't be ignored as a result of a problem that children cannot get a clear understanding of their lifetime.Combining the both points, as far as I'm concerned, parents and teachers are supposed to instruct children to obey the primary principle when they do some deeds. Moreover, children need more freedom to realize their dreams. Only in this way can the problem be solved perfectly.In conclusion, we can't only support one side simply. On the contrary, we ought to choose different measures to educate children flexibly.


  94、私家车的利与弊 The Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Cars

  Recently years, with the rapid development in our country, more and more people own their private cars. Some people think that private cars should be restricted, while others think that private cars should be encouraged. As far as I concern, I think owning a private car has both advantages and disadvantages.On one hand, private cars do bring the owners convenience and comfortable. If you have a car, you don’t need to take the bus or subway to work. You can image how crowded and slow when you get on a bus, especially during the rush hours. With your own car, you just don’t need to worry about this problem. What’s more, you can go to any places at any moment with your private car. Traveling by car is very comfortable and flexible. You can stop as you pleased and don’t need to worry about others feeling. I guess this is the biggest advantages of private cars.On the other hand, the disadvantages of private cars are obvious. The noises that produce by cars are unbearable, the exhaust gas that cars give off are bad for people’s health. With countless cars on the street, people find it becomes harder to find a parking spot. What’s worse, tens of thousands people are killed or injured in the traffic accidents.To sum up, private cars provide us with convenience as well as harm. Whether or not afford a private car depends on personal details.


  95、我对克隆的看法 My Opinion On Cloning

  Nowadays, the controversial issue of cloning has been in the limelight and has aroused wide concern in the public. It’s quite understandable that the views of this issue vary from person to person.Some people are in favour of cloning, who firmly believe that scientists can bring the extinct animals back to life by cloning. It’s indisputable that cloning is a great process to produce quantities of commercial plants as well as new species of plants.However, the cloning of the sheep Dolly attracted public’s attention but arouse a storm of objections. For instance, if heaps and heaps of evil leaders like Hillary attempt to clone themselves, a disaster will break out in the world. In addition, the objectors insist that cloning has a huge impact on genetic diversity.As for me, I suggest that cloning plays an important role on improving our quality of life. Needless to say, that cloning is an effective access to cure serious illnesses that at present have no cure. What’s more, not only can cloning assist us to acquire unknown knowledge about the creature, but it also is a wonderful breakthrough. Thought now there are lots of questions about cloning, by no means should we give in to the unsolved problems.


  96、世界杯之我见 My View on World Cup

  Recently, I believe there is nothing can as popular as the World Cup. The people around you talk about the football match, the computer you open is full of message about the match or the football player, and even you open your TV set or read newspaper, there is not chance to avoid seeing the information. Why the World Cup is so popular? Why there are so many people keeping a watchful eye on it? What do you think of World Cup? Does everyone really like it? In my opinion, there are three kinds of people making the World Cup so hot.First of all, the people are really interested in football will pay special attention on the World Cup. World Cup is the football match between countries held every four years. You can imagine how excellent the performance would be. How can the football lovers not pay attention on it? With the popularization of football, the amount of this kind of people should not be underestimated. Secondly, the people who swims with the tide also make contribution to spread the World Cup. There is a number of people focus on the World Cup just want to chase the trend. Last but not least, the gambler is another reason that should not be ignored. Besides watching the excellent performance of football players, to forecast the result before the match is certainly. World Cup provides a chance for the gambler to bet with a great excuse. How can they miss it?To sum up, as far as I am concerned the three kind of people mentioned above is the main reason to make the Word Cup so popular.


  97、清明节 The Tomb Sweeping Day

  The tomb sweeping day is one of the traditional festivals in China. On April 5th, people start to visit their ancestors’ tombs. Generally speaking, people will bring the home-made food, some fake money and paper-made mansion to their ancestors. When they start to honour their ancestor, they will light up some candles and incense, put some flowers around the tombs. The most important thing is to put the home-made food in front of the tombs. The food, also known as sacrifices, is usually made up with a chicken, a fish and some pork. It’s a symbol of the offspring’s respect to the ancestors. People believe that the forbears will share the food with them. The children dedicate the food and money to their forbears in order to show their love and caring. The young offspring will go down on their knees and pray for their ancestors. They can say their wishes in front of the tombs and the ancestors will make their dreams come true.In some provinces of China, people use different activities to commemorate this day, for instance, spring-outing, swinging, tree planting and making special food. One special food is Ay Tsao rice balls. It looks like Tang-yuan, but its colour is green. Mix the ay tsao juice with the rice powder, then make it into small balls. The Ay Tsao rice ball is done. People believe that eating ay tsao rice balls can get rid of the bad luck and everything will go smoothly. Other activities such as spring outing, tree planting are the other ways to commemorate the forbears. For one thing, it is a sign that people should look into the future and embrace the hope; for another thing, we do hope our ancestor rest in peace.


  98、如何面对大城市堵车难题? How to Deal With Traffic Jam in Metropolis?

  Nowadays, traffic jam is a growing worry for the residents in most metropolises, contributing to irritation of drivers and pedestrians. How to cope with this problem? Almost all local government in China is irritated by this problem. From my point of view, it’s evident that we should pay more attention to this issue and any country or city which turns a blind eye to this issue will pay a heavy cost.In order to deal with this conundrum in the essence, firstly, I am firmly convinced that regulations that ban the abuse of private car must be taken into action. Personally, each family ought to have less than 3 cars, the individual who doesn’t abide by the rules must be punished or charged more taxation.Additionally, the infrastructure also serves as a linchpin. Without roads and streets of high quality, the city’s transportation system will easily paralyzed during rush hours. Therefore, government should fix time and energy on the construction of infrastructure with high quality.What’s more important, since this conundrum will not solved in a short period of time, it’s necessary for all drivers and pedestrians to have a good attitude towards traffic jam when traffic piles up. Great methods such as listening to the music, can readily relieve the anger and anxiety of drivers and pedestrians.With the cooperation of both government and individuals, we may finally get over this trouble with our perseverance, confidence and fortitude.


  99、农民应进城做工吗? Should Peasants Go to cities to Find a Job?

  Today, it’s quite a common phenomenon that more and more people from the countryside go to big cities to work. In some villages, even the women have gone to cities. Only the old and the children are left at home.In my opinion, it’s not advisable for those young people to flock into big cities. For one thing, the old need to be looked after, and their children need to be looked after. Without the company of the young, the old may suffer from the loneliness, and without the love and care of parents, the children will not grow up healthily. For another, whether those young people can make a better living there is still in doubt, because the expense of living is too high, and the competition is so fierce in big cities. Although most of them work hard day and night, they still find it difficult to support their life.Accordingly, before making their decision, those young should consider whether they are capable of the city life. Moreover, they ought to think more about the need of their family.


  100、如何提高女性的竞争力 How to Improve Female’s Competitiveness

  It is truth that gender discrimination still exists when female comes to find work, some females never mention her gender on the resume, just to make sure that the employers will give them the chances to get the interview. Females should improve their competiveness, so that they will have more work chances.First, the female should show their positive attitudes toward the life and work. Female students should see their advantages clearly before hunting for a job, and highlight it in their resumes. For instance, they might emphasize that they are careful and considerate in work, patient and cooperate with colleagues as well. But the positive toward life and work brings them to a high level, which will impress the employer.Second, female students must be confident. Lots of big companies like to hold a group discussion to select people, those who are silent and find it difficult to get involved in the discussion will not be considered. The employers think such people are not confident and won’t do well in the work.It is necessary for women to improve competiveness, if they want to go further than males. The positive attitude and being confident will let female win more chances.