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  1、从好男孩到坏男孩From a Good Boy To a Bad Boy

  If people pay attention to the American music, there is a name they can’t ignore—Justin Bieber, the hot young star in the world. Bieber got his fame from the Internet, he put his video on it and then he began to have fans, his agent found him and signed him, then Bieber started his singer career officially. He became popular soon, the teenage girls adore him so much, Bieber keeps his good imagine, but as he turn to 18, he becomes rebel, he is no more a good boy. He drinks a lot of beer, beating other people, even takes drugs, how awful it is. The parents are so worried about their children, they are afraid that their kids will imitate him. Bieber breaks his good image, some American people even ask to drive him back to Canada. Bieber is a example of being famous early, he loses himself in the fame.


  2、外卖风靡校园 The Popularity of Take-out Food in School

  Nowadays, as the more choices for students in the school, some students can’t bear the school’s canteen, they call the take-out food. The producers sense the business opportunity, they advertise their food, attracting more students to order their food, and then they promise to provide the perfect service, which means they can bring the food to the students’ room. The problem is that school bans the take-away food, on the one hand, the school needs students to consume in the canteen, on the other hand, they want to make sure the students’ healthy. Most students choose to order the take-out away food in secret, though it may danger their health. In my opinion, the school should change their menu for some time, they need to cook the food that is suit to the students’ taste, they could learn what kind of food the students like, and then adjust the menu. The take-away food will be reduced naturally.


  3、高考冲刺 The Sprint in College Entrance Exam

  The period of high school stage is the preparation for college, all the students work hard in the purpose of the better future. In this stage, they hold the same target, fighting for the College Entrance Exam, especially in the third year, the sprint is very important. There are some suggestions for a better sprint. First, students should take a regular work schedule, it is very important to sleep in time, so that students can wake up early in the morning and then work with efficiency. Second is to keep the balanced diet. Students should pay attention to what they eat, the nutrition should be enough, so they can keep a better mind, thinking in a quick way. The last year of high school life must be hard and tedious, the one who keeps hold on will gain what they want. If they do as the mentioned suggestions, they can work better.


  4、高中的爱情 Love in High School

  Love in high school is a very sensitive topic, the students in high school have come to the age of being mature, inside, they desire to love someone, but it is the awkward time. First, they need to focus their attention so that they can enter a better college, second, their parents are strongly objective to their love, the teachers even ban the love relationship between students. As a student, they have their own rights to love someone, the inner desire and the objection from parents and schools make them struggle to their emotions. In my opinion, high school students have so many pressure, they should put aside their love emotions for a while, they need to focus on the study, when high school time ends, they can choose their love. It is much easier, if you want to love at the time, then to love. No one will stop you.


  5、网上购物还是传统购物? Shopping Online vs Traditional shopping?

  Which is better, shopping online or traditional shopping? Different people have different attitudes towards it. Some people think that online shopping is very convenient, for it can save them a lot of time and energy. It’s especially helpful for those who are always busy with their work. Besides, through the internet, they can get more information about the commodities they want to buy and buy a lot of things that cannot be bought in local places.Nevertheless, I’m not keen on online shopping at all, since most commodities which are bought online are of poor quality. Once we are cheated, we may find it difficult to make a complaint. Thus we should take more cautions when shopping online. In my eyes, I prefer traditional shopping, because I can choose what I really need. Also, I can know the quality of every commodity more clearly. Even if there’s something wrong with the commodities, I can still ask the sellers to compensate for my loss.


  6、英语不再重要? Is English Not Important Any More?

  Recently, the Ministry of Education has drafted a reform about English, it is said that English will be not the subject that take into account of the College Entrance Exam, a lot of students feel excited, because they think English will not be their burden. The reform may relieve some students who are week in English, they think they don’t need to spend so much time in learning English, because English is not important any more. The fact is that they get the wrong idea, English still important even though it will be no more considered to be the College Entrance Exam. The trend is people learning English since they are young, parents pay special attention to the children’s second language, so most students now are good at English. What’s more, English is the most widely used language, it can enhance a student’s competition. So English is still important to learn.


  7、文化误读 Culture Misunderstanding

  Nowadays, if you search the Internet, you may find the weird situation that people say they are rich not because they own a lot of money, but tea eggs. This is the hot topic in the latest days; the topic originated from a Taiwan TV talk show, a scholar said Mainland was so poor that people there couldn’t buy a tea egg to eat. Then people in the Mainland laughed at what the scholar said, they showed off a lot of tea eggs in the Internet, leaving the words that they were lucky to have tea eggs. Though Taiwan is part of China, because of the history issues, people don’t real get to know each other, so culture misunderstanding always happen. Some people in Taiwan think the Mainland is very poor, so they say we couldn’t afford a tea egg. People need to get more communication between Taiwan and Mainland, we are a family, we should know each other, such misunderstand should be eliminated.


  8、守时 Punctuality

  Punctuality is a very important when you communicate with others. It means the quality or habit of adhering to an appointed time. Just imagine this, if you fail to attend an important meeting, you may leave a bad impression on others. Others will be angry with you. Thus, one should always be punctual. This can show your consideration for others. Failure to be punctual is a sign of disrespect to others. Some people hate to wait for others, but they don’t mind being waited for. In this case, they are not respected by others. This kind of people always can find excuses for being late. Such as, stuck on the traffic jams, waking up too late. They never mean to come earlier. I think such behaviour is very selfish. Everybody should form the habit of being punctual. It’s the main element of good quality. Just remember don’t be late.


  9、饮食与健康 Diet and Health

  Last night, I ate a lot of food, such as KTC and ice cream, before I slept, I ate some cold food in the fridge. At midnight, I felt my stomach hurt badly, my family was woke up, they sent me to the hospital. After seeing the doctor, he told me that I had eaten too much food, what’s more, the food was not healthy, so it hurt my stomach. Since then, I realized that I should not eat the rubbish food often, I should keep the healthy diet. Now my diet is regular, I won’t take in much food before sleeping, my body is becoming healthy. In the morning, I eat an egg and make sure I take in enough vitamins. Even when I see the rubbish food is tempting, I take no hesitation to say no to them. I am so proud of myself.


  10、中国食物 Chinese Food

  Chinese food is very famous around the world, if you ask a foreign people about his opinion on Chinese food, he will speak highly of it. When we see the movie, Chinese food is praised by the people. Recently, there is a famous movie called A Bite of China, the movie is popular, it introduces Chinese food from different places. The audience is attracted by the delicious food, they never thought Chinese food would be so various. Now the second part of the movie has been made out, more and more Chinese traditional food has been introduced. After appreciating the movie, I begin to learn more about Chinese food, I want to have taste of them. I am so proud of our food, when we talk about it to foreign friends, we can feel their favor of our food. The food is part of our culture, they should be inherited.


  11、广场舞的流行 The Popularity of Square Dance

  In China, the woman who is more than 40 year-old is called Da Ma, it has to be admitted that Da Ma is a powerful group, they own certain money at hand, we always hear about the news about them buying house everywhere or flying to the foreign country to buy the brands. The large group now has invaded the square at night, when the night comes, several groups of Da Ma go to the square, playing the music and dance until 9 o’clock. About few years ago, only few women would do this, but now, as the economy develops, people live a better life, so they begin to find entertainment. Da Ma have made the square dance popular, when we go out at night, we may find them dance everywhere. I think square dance is a good way for people to get exercise, they can keep fit.


  12、成为聆听者 To Be a Listener

  When we are happy, we will be like to share our happiness with others, making them to know our enjoyment. But when we are not in the good mood, we are so upset about so many things, at this moment, we are in need of someone who can listen to us. Being a listener is not easy, people always complain about their worries, the listener must be do the job not only listen to them, but also learn to comfort them. To be a good listener can help us make good friends with others, and get the high praise from friends. The one who always listen to others will be easy going, people like to make friends with them, when they are in trouble, their friends are willing to help them. From now on, let’s learn to be a considerate person, being other people’s sweet heart.


  13、中医的优势 The Advantages of Chinese Medicine

  As the development of science, people’s medical care has been improved, when people get sick, they can go to the hospital and get the treatment, and then they will recover soon. Today western medicine is people’s first choice, the Chinese medicine is being ignored by more and more people. Compared to western medicine, Chinese medicine has its own advantages. First, Chinese medicine won’t have or have less side effect. Western can work on people’s body soon, but it is true that the side effect is very obvious, such as headache, dizzy and get sick of the food. Chinese medicine takes some time to work, but without side effect. People can recover completely. Second, Chinese medicine pays special attention to the food treatment. It is believed that taking pills will hurt the body, but the food treatment is different, people can adjust their diet to get healthy. Chinese medicine will not out of date.


  14、高中生活High School Life

  The first day when I go to high school, I felt excited, after 9 years’ study, I felt I was so close to university, the dream always gives me motivation to move on. The first year, I made many friends, I got to know all of my classmates, though the study was hard and tedious, I shared happiness and sorrow with my friends. When the second year came, I was arranged to another class, for the need of my major. I was a little frustrated at first, because I was worried no one could talk to me, but I made new friends quickly, sometimes I would keep in touch with my old friends. Now the last year has come, I must study hard, I will go to college next year, never have I felt so close to my dream. High school life is not easy for me, for the pressure is so heavy, but I won’t give up.


  15、世界红十字日 World Red Cross Day

  World Red Cross Day, also called World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day, is on May 8th, and it is an annual celebration of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and all the National Red Cross. The date is also the birthday of Henry Dunant, who is the founder of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The first world war bring great pain to people, after the war the red cross of Czechoslovakia first initiative to organize the “red cross truce” activities, it was held to make the Red Cross humanitarian thoughts spread over the world, enhance friendship and cooperation between people, promote world peace and reduce the war. And this activity got universal praise and support from the International Committee of Red Cross. Since 1961, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies will put forward the World Red Cross Day theme. This year’s theme is “my Red Cross Story”. And according to that theme and the local situation, the National Red Cross all over the world will organize various forms of activities to celebrate the day.


  16、怎样解决大城市住房问题 How to solve the housing problem in big cities?

  With the rapid development and the overpopulated in this society, more and more people rushing into the big cities for personal development. So, the housing problems in the big cities is becoming more and more serious.

  In my humble opinion, there are several ways to slove this problems. First of all, we can expend the cities, and build more apartment in the country. The fresh air and clean water will attract young people to live there. What’ more, the housing price will be lower than the big cities. Second, the government should control the price of the house. If the house is too expensive, many people may not be able to afford a house on their own. The government should build some cheap apartment for the poor, the young people. Last but not least, we should have more skyscapes, the land is limited, we need more space to support people to have a good living condition.

  A good living condition is the key to social stability. if our country have enough houses, the pressure can be relieved to some degree. And our people can live a better environment.




  17、春天 Spring

  When you look around, you will find that the spring is coming. The breeze is gently brushing your face. The blue sky is above you. After raining, the flowers are blooming in the garden. The living beings start to grow. Everything is full with vigor and fragrance. The best season of this year, you cann’t miss it and you will love it.

  The spring is coming, it brings green to the trees and grass, pink and yellow to the flowers. Activeness to the animals. Hopes to the human beings. The birds start to sing, the farmers begin to plant crops in the fields. In spring, everywhere is full of hope. People usually say that a good beginning is half done, while spring is the beginning of a year. So we should appreciate it and make the most use of it. Try the best to spread seeds in spring and you will get a good harvest in autumn. Then you will see how important spring is and how lovely it is.



  18、工作与幸福 Work and Happiness

  Happiness is dependent upon work. Sometimes we complain that we have too much work, but we fail to realize that it’s our work that keep us moving on and helps us to become a better man. Last summer I visited my friends in a small village. It was obvious that working has become an indispensable part of their daily lives. They all went to the field to plant the crops. The sun was shinning above them and they looked quite happiness about their work. On their face there were such smiles as I had never seen before.

  Work provide us with happiness. Work is more than a necessity for human beings. If we have no work to do, we will waste our precious time. That’s pity. We will lose everything in the end. Work helps us to realize the importance of life, then we will appreciate it more. Everybody who live in this society could not live without working. If we spend every day idly, we will find life is boring.


  19、出名趁早 To Be Famous in the Early Age

  Today, as the media develop fast, people can find the famous people everywhere, they are in the commercial, in the TV and the movies. The mass media provide so many chances for people who want to be famous. Many years ago, the age of being famous is about 23, but now, we can find a lot of stars getting famous in the early age, now the average age is 17. It is the age for teenager, many people believe that the early to be famous, the better, because the youth passes away quickly. As for me, I think being famous in the early age means the teenagers have to give up their study, they need to accept the company’s training, for the purpose of making their career perfect. Most people don’t have the chance to being famous, as they don’t get high education, so they live a hard life. I think teenager should focus on study first.


  20、语言的力量The Power of Language

  After many years’ learning of second language, have you enjoyed learning it?I bet most of your guys will say no, because second language is like a curse bounding to you, since we go to school, we just can’t get rid of it. Actually, if we learn to enjoy the beauty of language, we will find its power. The power of language expresses in its function. Language makes people from all around the world communicate. People in different countries speak different languages, it is hard for them to understand each other, while the power of language connects people together, English is the worldwide language, people have the idea to learn the same language to understand each other. In China, people learn English as the second language, so there is no problem for them to communicate with foreign people. Language provides the stage for people to understand each other, its power is so strong.


  21、塑料袋 Plastics

  Plastics are man-made materials with new properties. They are anywhere in our daily lives. They are very light but they can hold heavy things. That’s why they’re so popular all around the world.

  Plastics have found their widest applications. They can be used for almost everything from food coverings to automobiles bodies. Thousands of different products are now made entirely or partially from plastics. Of course more and more plastics will be made in the future.

  However, because the plastics are not rusting, they have negative effects on the global environment. The plastics bags are not easily to break down. If you’re burning them, they gas will pollute the environment. If you throw them into the river, the fish will die because they’re contain toxic. If you bury them, the land will not grow any crops. Most of the plastics are white, thus people call it “white pollution”.

  In order to protect the environment, we should not use plastics if we could. We should use some cloths bags instead. Only in this way, we can have a good environment.





  22、雪人 Snowman

  Many friends of mine who study in the north upload a lot of interesting pictures about snowmen on their personal blogs. Born in the south and bred in the south; I never ever have a chance to see snow. I think they must have fun when they made a snowman. I really envy them. Every time I tell my parents we should go to the north for Spring Festival but they don’t agree (my father has some relations in Shanxi where snows every year) they think we could get sick because of the cold weather. Maybe someday I can travel to the north by myself.

  I know that the cultural in the north is totally different from south. In south, we almost eat everything, while in the north, people staple food is wheat. I hear that they eat noodles all the time. I don’t know it’s true or not. I just want to travel to there to test it by myself. In my opinion, traveling alone or with my friends to the north is quite a challenge for me. I wish i can save enough money, so I can go there to see the view of the north.



  23、我的母亲 My Mother

  I came back to school after the summer vacation. As soon as I settled down, I made a phone call to my mother. When I talked to her, I could not hold back my tears. “After all,” I said, “You’re my mother.”

  During the vacation, mother and I had a quarrel. After that we were unwilling to talk with each other. She thought I was her sweet daughter and I believed that she did not respect me. Then after few days, I left home. My mother gave me a full package of home-make food and she said to me, “I cook this morning, take this then you can have it on the train.” However, I refuse to take it. I just turned away and slam the door without saying goodbye to my mother. I was still angry about her. “You’re still my good girl.” My mother said in a low voice chocked with sob.

  On the train I could not eat anything, I felt terrible. How I wish I had said sorry to my mother before I left. Now all I want to say is, will you forgive me, my dear mother?




  24、酒后驾车的危害 The Danger of Driving After Drinking

  Though we are told that alcohol is dangerous, especially driving a car after drinking alcohol, we can see the news about car accidents because of the driver drinking alcohol everyday, still people ignore the danger of drinking alcohol. Life is precious, no one will take responsibility of our lives except ourselves. Drinking too much will do harm to our body, even if you don’t cherish your life, while when you drive the car after drinking, you will take away other people’s lives. That is unforgivable, people have a happy family, they die because of your careless driving, and you will never have a chance to make up. Our government is very strict to the driver, the law clearly claims that drinking driver will be heavily punished. In order to make sure other people’s safety, we should not drive the car after drinking alcohol, or we ask friends to take us home.


  25、保护儿童不受侵害 Protecting the Children From Harassing

  Nowadays, when people talk about the principle, they are no longer showing respect, because many cases about the kids getting harassed by the principles were being exposed. Since then, the word “principle” is the speaking for monsters. Teenagers being harassed has become a hot issue, people call on the government to take some action to protect the teenagers. In my opinion, protecting the children are both parents and the society’s duty. Parents should teach their children to have the consciousness of security, like never getting alone with the strangers or the principles, when the principles ask the children to go to their home, children should reject. The society should supervise the principles, though they are in high position, what they do should be open to the public. Children are immature, they need the society’s protection, the harassing behavior shouldbe heavily punished by the law.


  26、不要和陌生人说话 Don’t Talk to Strangers

  Before we go to school, we get our parents to supervise us all the time, so we live in a very safe environment. While when we go to school, parents can’t keep their eyes on us all the time, they are so worried about us, so they begin to tell us how to keep ourselves safe. The most important thing is that don’t talk to strangers, as a teenager, we haven’t had the ability to judge who is the good guy and who is the bad guy, so it is better not to talk to the strangers. The bad guys will like to talk to the teenagers, they want to do something to pay the teenagers’ attention, thus they can induce the children to go with them and do the bad thing. In order to protect teenagers’ security, teenagers are taught to keep distant from the stranger.


  27、家长间攀比对孩子造成的伤害 The Hurt on Children Between Parents’ Comparison

  When we are small, we met this situation all the time, while our parents were talking to their friends, suddenly they called us to show our talent in front of their friends. This is very awkward situation to every child, they hate to show in front of parents’ friends, but they can’t resist what the parents tell them to do. The parents’ purpose is so obvious, they want to show off their children to their friends,

  so they can have face. All the parents ignore the negative effect on their children, all the children hate to do it, they have their dignity, they don’t like to be someone’s toy, so the children will become rebel. Parents should not take their children as the thing to show off, they will have pressure, they need to be respected. It hurts the children’s hearts, parents should show more respect to their children, let them have more freedom.


  28、明天会更好 Tomorrow Will Be Better

  When we meet difficulties, most of us will be feeling distressed, just like the whole world is down and there is no hope for tomorrow. When we look back after many years, the difficulties at that time are just small matters, only if we can hold on to these. Life is wonderful, there is no need to let down on life when we meet difficulties, like a popular song“How can we see the rainbow without the storm”. Once I failed on the exam, I feel my world is over, I couldn’t eat well, I just let my parents down, I was so guilty about it. My teacher told me that the exam was not a big deal, I should forget it and kept moving on. Since than, I work hard and trying to forget it. Now when I look back on the failing exam, I think it is not a big deal.


  29、校外租房之我见 My View on Living Off Campus

  It is said that renting a house outside school, instead of living in the dormitory is very popular in university. But, as a high school student, I find that living off school is also very popular in high school. They often say that they can have a better environment to study living outside school. But, I don’t agree with them. I think this is their excuse to play more. Firstly, school is the best place for study. Secondly, their self-control ability is not very good. They may play or waste their study time. I think this is one of the reasons that renting a house outside school is very popular. And another reason I think is they want to be special. As most students live in dormitory, he feels special when he lives outside school. Their psychological effect may be the main reason to make living off campus popular.


  30、大学生结婚好吗?Is It Good For College Students to Get Married?

  Many years ago, it was illegal for college students to get married, because the law declaimed it, it was believed that college students were not suitable to get married. But now, the law has changed a few years ago, considering the teenagers gets mature earlier in the modern world, the law has changed the legal age to get married. So the college students can marry today, though the law admits college students to come to marriage, I think they are not suitable to go that far. First, the main duty of college students is to study, they should focus on their study, marriage will distract them. I advise college students to keep the love relationship, they can enter the marriage when they are working. Second, college students are not mature enough. Marriage means duty, most students are just getting independent, they have a lot of things to learn. College student should not rush to the marriage, they finish their study first.


  31、中国人的社交 Chinese Social Communication

  When you ask a foreign what’s his impression about Chinese, he will say Chinese people are friendly and kind, but if you ask his impression about Chinese people when they are meeting in social occasion, he will answer you with the drink. It is a tradition for Chinese people that when they invite friends, they must prepare a lot of wine, the guests need to be drunk, because it means the hosts do a good job on treating their friends. Wine culture in China is very popular, it reflects on the business communication, too. When people need to deal with the business, they like to book a table in the hotel, and talk about the business work while they are having dinner. The inevitable thing is to drink, the boss like to watch the young employees to drink, when the boss is happy, the business is done. Chinese social communication is not in the best way, but there is no way to change.


  32、如何维护消费者权益 How to Protect Consumers’ Rights

  I bet most of you guys have come across such situation, when you go shopping and buy something, you find there is something wrong with the product after you buy it, you want the manager to compensate for you, but the manager refuse to. Though you are angry, there is nothing you can do. As a consumer, we need to protect our rights, when we find the products are not conformed with specifications, we have the right to ask for compensation. The consumers’ rights are legal and protected by the laws, March 15 is International Day for Consumers’ Rights and Interests, it pays special attention to the consumers, it reminds consumers of their rights. If consumers find the shops are cheating customers, they can call the police and protect their rights. So when we buy products, we need to have the conscious that our consumers’ rights are protected by law.


  33、舞蹈班 Dancing Class

  One day, when I go home after class, my mother says she has something to tell me, I am so curious, she says to me that she wants me to learn ballet, I am don’t know what it is and say yes. But when I go to the dance class for a week, I feel down, ballet is so hard for me, my body doesn’t listen to me, I feel I am so stupid. I tell my mother I want to drop out of the dance class, she asks me why, I tell her the reason, she says everything won’t be easy to do, I should keep on, if I give up this time, I will do this next time. So I have to keep on, now, I feel ballet is not that hard, though I am still not dance well , I can keep up with others. I learn that I should not give up so easily.


  34、假如我有一百万美元 If I Had a Million Dollars

  Last night, I saw an English movie, it is about a man who hit the lottery, he got a lot of money suddenly, his life has changed since then. The movie is so funny, I laugh a lot, I imagine what would happen if I had a million dollars suddenly. I think I would travel around the world first. Since I go to from the age of 7, I spend a lot of time in school, I have to study from Monday to Friday, even on the weekends, I need to do a lot of homework, if I had a lot of money, I would put aside my study for some time, have a look of world. The first place I want to go is Tibet, I like the beautiful scenery and breathe the fresh air. I know money won’t come easily, I must work hard and make a lot of money to realize my dream.


  35、成人礼 Adult Ceremony

  Last week, I had my birthday party, it was my Adult Ceremony. Unlike the birthday party I had before, this time, my mother treated it as an important meeting, she invited many of my friends, she wanted to give me a big surprise and an unforgettable birthday. In China, when the children are 18, it means they have grown up and been adults. They can make their own decisions, their parents can’t treat them as kids any more. My mother gave me a present, it was a computer, I was so happy, she said that since I had been 18, I should be mature, I should think twice before action. I was so moved, at that moment, I felt it was so hard for my mother to raise me up, I would never let her down. My Adult Ceremony is sweet, I will never forget it.


  36、内在美的重要性 The Importance of Inner Beauty

  Today, as the development of technology, people can change their faces by doing plastic surgery, because of the commercial ads, people are highly effected by the exaggerated facts that they can be the shining stars. So people pay special attention on the outlooks, they want to look perfect, as far as I am concerned, the true beauty is nothing with perfect looking, only the inner beauty makes you shining. In the fairly tale of Cinderella, the prince chooses the poor girl instead of the beautiful girls, because he admires Cinderella’s inner beauty, though she is nobody. Though it is just a story, it tells people that inner beauty makes one outstanding. People can make their faces perfect, but there is no way to fulfill their inner beauty by technology. Inner beauty is the most precious thing, beautiful outlook will fade away with the time, but inner beauty won’t, it only getting valuable.


  37、枪支的管理 The Control of Guns

  Last week, there was unexpected disaster happened in Kunming, a group of gangster showed up in the Kunming train station, took out their knives, cutting people, many people died of the accident. What a tragical accident. It reminds me of the gun shot accidents happened in campus in America. America is not so strict to the control of guns, people can buy guns when they get registered, people can use the gun to hunt animals. While the lose management of the guns brings many tragedies, there is always news about gun shot accident in campus, the murders are teenagers. People are shocked by the news, they call on the government to control the guns, in case the teenagers have access to the guns. Compared to America, our country is very strict to the guns, so the gangsters of Kunmingdisaster use knives instead of guns. The government has done a good job on gun management.


  38、文明旅游 Behaved Tourism

  When holiday comes, thousands of people pour into the tourist sites, they want to relax themselves and enjoy the beautiful scenery. But Chinese people have a bad habit, they like to leave some notes on the site, proving them have been here before. Such a behavior has been criticized by the public, because the leaving note will damage the preservation of the tourist site. Most of the tourist sites are part of our country’s historical relics, these sites are priceless, it is everyone’s duty to protect the sites. When we go to travel, we should behave ourselves. First, we need to have the idea that no rubbish being leaved behind when we leave the site. We should take away what we bring, keep the environment clean. Second, no any notes being written in the sites. Though in the old days, Chinese workers like to leave their names on the sites, but now it is a new world, we need to behave ourselves.


  39、宿舍打扫责任Dormitory Clean Duty

  In China, when students go to middle school, most of them need to live in school from Monday to Friday, they can go home on weekends. Students have to spend most of their time in school, they start to learn to get along with others. Everyone has roommates, there are always four people live in a dormitory, without parents’ caring, students need to take care of themselves. The first question needs students to think about is the dormitory clean duty, while most of them are princes and princess at home. Students need to do the house work, they should take turns, in that case, the dormitory will keep clean. It is reported that boys’ room are dirty, because they never clean dormitory. It is everyone’s duty to clean the dormitory, we should not keep silent about the problem, students need to realize the clean environment can make their mood comfortable.


  40、意外发生时如何保护自己How to Protect Yourself When Accident Occurs

  On March 1st,2014, a great attack happened in Kunming, about ten guys from Sinkiang showed up inKunming train station, they took out prepared knifves, hurting people who were just walking around them. This accident is a great tragedy, people are shocked by what the gangsters did, it just happened so suddenly. This accident reminds people of how to protect themselves when attack happens. First, just to run. When we meet the gangster, the first thing is to run, the fast, the better, until you are far away from them. Second, if you don’t have enough time to run, then find a place to hind quickly. The place should be near you, having something to cover, don’t be afraid of the dirty environment, just to hind. Third, if you are caught by the gangsters, don’t fight with them, do as what they told you, only this will you have a chance to get away from them.


  41、你幸福吗?Are You Happy?

  Two year ago, Chinese biggest TV Channel played an interview which brought great response to the audience. The interview is about a journalist asked a worker that if he felt happy, the worker didn’t react what the question is, he answered that he his name is not happy. The interview became hot, everyone was taking about it,“Are you happy” has become a greeting when people meet, they made fun of it. The reason why the interview becomes so popular is that people lack of sense of happiness today, they find a way to make fun of happiness. As the development of technology, people live in a fast-pace lifestyle, the pressure from work is so heavy that people focus too much on work, they don’t have time to relax, many people bring the work issues to home, keeping busy all

  the time. We should find the balance between work and family life, try to enjoy life.


  42、全国爱耳日 Ear Care Day

  Today is March 3, 2014, Ear Care Day. We always appeal everyone to try our best to keep healthy. When it comes to health, we usually mean no illness in the main body. There is little chance that people will pay attention to ear when they are talking about health. Without the concern of public, ear protection doesn’t go very well. There are many people in our country having ear problem, because of various reasons, such as, Drugs, genetic, infection, disease, noise pollution, accidents and so on. This problem brings much inconvenience for them. And the establishment of Ear Care Day is to appeal people to pay attention on their ear health. People had better to learn the ways to protect ear and try their best to avoid those things can harm ears. Only people pay their attention on it, there will be less people having hearing problems. Life will be better.


  43、手机的危害 The Dangers of Cell Phone

  Today, with the development of high-technology, we can get access to all kinds of high-tech products, such as computer, digital cameras and so on. These products make our life more convenient, we can keep in touch with family and friends any time any where. Our life has been changed by the high-tech, we live in a fast-pace world. Cell phone influences our life deeply, everyone owns it. While cell phone brings many dangers. First, cell hone contains radiation which hurts people’s body. Today, more and more people die of cancer, the main reason is that the high-tech products radiate their bodies, in the long run, the bodies get sick. Cell phone is one of such products, it hurts our bodies as long we use it. Second, cell phone distracts our attention about discovering the beauty of life. People pay their attention on cell phone, they count on it by reading news and making friends, being less going out. We should use cell phone properly.


  44、保持年轻的秘密 The Secret of Keeping Young

  With the development of technology, people can do some operations to make their faces look prefect, even to look much younger than their real ages. When we see the commercial ads, we can find the stars look gorgeous, we are so envy about their young faces. But to me, I think the secret of keeping young is not by surgery operation, but to keep a healthy lifestyle. Today, young people are living an unhealthy life, they like to stay up and wake up at the noon. Young people form the habit of taking activity at night while sleeping in the day. How terrible it is, they are damaging their bodies, their bodies will get older than the normal speed. If people sleep early and wake up in the morning, do some exercises and keep the balance diet, they will look young. So don’t expect the surgery to help look young, it is harmful, only the healthy lifestyle does.


  45、国际罕见病日Rare Disease Day

  We only have one earth, but this unique earth is not simple. There are many things need people to understand, to solve. Let me take illness as an example. Everyone will get ill, such as catch a cold, have a fever, cough, sugar diabetes and so on. These diseases are so common. As people have paid attention on them, anyone who gets any disease of them would not have to worry about too much. They will be cured at last. However, there are some rare diseases, which not many people realize. Some people fracture head touched on the bone, some people all body is white, some people is difficult to control bleeding once he falls to bleed, some people’s all body muscle is weakness and atrophy. The chance to have those kinds of diseases is one in a million. But it is hard for them to be diagnosed and even they were diagnosed, the cure is limited and expensive. Those poor people need the notice of the society. They need to be treated, to be cared and to be understood. Help them, please.


  46、伦敦塔 Tower of London

  Have you ever been to the tower of London? I feel very curious about it. I hope I can have a chance to have a look. It is said that it is the symbol of British Royalty and built in 1087. It has been the World Cultural Heritage. It was the palace of ruler. James I is the last owner. But it was used for many purposes after no rulers living in it, such as, fort, armory, treasury, observatory, prison and so on. Now it is one of the most popular historical cite in British. The yeoman warders manage it now. There are seven ravens in it as lucky mascot. No one is allowed to come in or go out at night because of the Ancient legend. Every night they will hold the old lock ceremony. How am I not interested in such place?


  47、大学生压力 The Pressure From College Students

  In China, the number of college students increases every year, as more and more students get the college education, college students are under great pressure. We hear from the news that a lot of students can’t find jobs after graduation, then the next year, the other students gets graduating, the two years’ students compete for the jobs! I just can’t imagine such situation. The pressure from college students is getting greater, they should relieve it now and then, because too much pressure will bring bad effect, some may distort their minds, once their emotion can’t relieve in time, some tragical things may happen. It is said that some students suicide themselves because they have much pressure. Everybody will have pressure, but we must know that pressure brings motivation, at the same time, it also brings burden, we have to balance it. When we deal with it well, we can live a better life.


  48、家庭的影响 The Influence of Family

  In China, people treat the family as a very important union, families get together now and then, even the kids get married, they still treat their parents in the first place. So the family means so much to everyone, family has great influence on them. When the family gets on well, people can focus their mind to work, they don’t need to worry about other issues. It is reported that the people live in a harmonious environment are more easy to get succeed, which reflects the importance of the family. While people who live in a unharmonious family are easily distracted from work, because besides the work issues, they also have family annoyance. So the family is very important, we should keep in touch with family members often, even though we are busy, we should go home often, never let the work occupancies you.


  49、父母的期望 Parents’ Expectation

  It is said that Chinese parents are the world’s most responsible parents, since the kids are born, they start to plan everything for the children, they choose the school, the kids’ hobby even the kids’ partners. Chinese parents want to raise their kids to be the excellent ones, they put so much hope on the kids. While it is also said the Chinese kids are the world’s most unhappy kids, because they live as what the parents tell them, they don’t have their own thinking. Both sides reflect Chinese family situation that the parents give the children too much pressure, the children feel unhappy about their parents’ expectation. Indeed, I feel the way, my parents always want me to be the No.1, they tell me I should get the highest score, I feel tired, I tell them how I feel, then they begin to realize their expectation has become a burden for me. parents should give space to their kids.


  50、医德 The Merit of A Doctor

  When we read the newspaper, there is always something bad about the doctor, it is said that the doctor will ask the patients to use the expensive treatment, they do it for the high profit, we feel shocked, because since we are young, we are told that the doctors are angels, they save people’s life, they contribute their lives to the career. During the decades, people are intrigued by the profit, even some doctors do. As a doctor, they should not give up to the profit, they should treat the patients in the first place. Some patients are poor, the doctor should consider the situation, operating the treatment according to the patients. When there comes the emergency patient, the doctor should take the treatment right now, some doctors must wait for the patients to hand in money, this is not right. Doctors are still honored by the people, they should keep on their merit.


  51、关于人才流失 The Brain Drain

  We all know that it is not easy to find a suitable work in the present society. But at the same time, more and more companies say the phenomenon of the brain drain is very serious. I think both the employee and employer should take the responsibility. But employer should take the most duty. If the company can offer a considerable welfare, there will be less staff leave their position. In general, most employees change their jobs just because they think their payment doesn’t equal to their benefit. If the employer can meet the need of their staffs, the brain drain will not be a question. By the way, the employee also should think again and again when hunting jobs to make sure finding his dream job. Then he would not regret after a few days. If both employee and employer do their best, there will be less and less brain drain.


  52、情人节的惊喜The Surprise on Valentine’s Day

  Valentine’s Day is coming soon, it is on February14. The day is a big day for the couple, they need to spend the special day with romance, the boys are always buying gifts to their girls, the most common thing is to buy flowers and have dinner, maybe they could do something more interesting. The boys can surprise their girlfriends, they can take the girls to the place where they get to know each other, wondering around for a while and remembering those beautiful days, just like they know for the first day, how romantic! This will give the love relationship something new, which can enhance their relationship. The girls can surprise their boys with some gifts they make by themselves. Girls are good at hand making, so they can make out some gifts instead of buying, because the boys will be moved by your heart. Valentine’s Day is romantic, are you ready?


  53、辅导班 Cramming School

  In China, the students have to take many exams, so that they can enter good schools, which means they can get the better education. Parents pay special attention to their kids’ education, they make some plans for the children. Now the kids have to learn many skills when they are starting to go to school, the parents decide the chidren’s hobbies, they send their kids to cramming school, some are for learning singing and dancing, others are for making up the lessons. Children have to learn so many things when they are young, their childhood are spending in the cramming school. The parents should give more space to their kids, though learning more is good, but spending too much time in cramming school hurts children. I believe that playing is good for the kids, they can have time to think, they can have their own thinking and creativity.


  54、如何选择高中课程 How to Choose High School Course

  In China, the period of high school is very important for students, they will go to college after finishing high school. Because there are so many students in our country, the students have to take the college entrance exam, the test will decide which school they should go to. Every student in high school will study many course, when the second year comes, students will choose some courses for the college entrance exam. The first thing they should pay attention to is to measure what subject they are good at. Some students are good at math and geography, these students are always weak in politics, then they should keep on learning science. Some students are good at Chinese and English, they should choose to study art. What if the students are good at both? I will advise them to learn the course they are interested.


  55、兴趣爱好之我见My View on Hobby

  Everybody has his own hobby. Hobbies not only make our life colorful, but also bring us lots of benefits. Hobbies help us to relax after a long period of hard work, and offer various activities for the people who are retiring. As to my mother, her hobby is to go square dancing after supper. She said, square dancing can make her forget her own problems and stay in good health. As to my father, his hobby is watching football games on TV. Among all my hobbies, the favorite one is reading. When I was a little girl, I love reading comic books. When I’m getting old, I love fiction very much. I have so much fun from reading them. My favorite fiction is Pride and Prejudice. It not only provides knowledge, but also teaches us the right attitude toward life. I think reading makes my life complete. I will keep on reading. That’s my favorite hobby.


  56、邮件诈骗 Email Fraud

  As the development of technology, today people keep in touch with each other not only by cell phone, but also through email. When we open computer, we may find all kinds of message, some are important, they are sent from friends, while some are rubbish message, which are sent by the unknown ones. As we can get the message from all resources, we may be cheated any time. There are always some messages about ads in our emails, such as the car secure, some ads say you are the one who hits their luck, you can have the big prize if you give them some message they need. A lot of people get cheated, because they want to try to get the prize. When we read the email, we should take care of the fraud, never be greed, the fortune can’t fall from the sky, only we work for it.


  57、婚前协议 The Agreement Before Marriage

  In the old China, when the couple gets married, it is naturally committed that the bride will share the bridegroom’s fortune, the couple’s property is owned by each other. While as the time changes, the women’s situation gets much better than before, they can make their own living by themselves, women want to share the equal duty and wage with men. Today women are getting more and more independent, they don’t need to count on the men on economy, so they want to make some agreement before marriage, it is always about the money, the women want to keep their own money, even marry, their wage is separated with their husbands’. I think this is a good idea, people keep their own stuff in the marriage, each has their own space. What’s more, today people feel unsecure to the marriage, once they are divorced, they don’t have much trouble. The agreement before marriage is way of protecting oneself.


  58、我的高中生期望 My Expectation as A High School Student

  I study in a high school now, this is my second year, I will be soon finishing my high school class. After a year’s study, I have known clearly what I want, as a high school student, my expectation in high school is of course about my study. First, I want to learn English well. I love English, I want to choose it as my major when I go to college. Comparing to other subjects, I don’t have much interest in math, geography and so on. I find English interests me, when I see the movies, I like to see the original one, which means I will listen to the English. Learning English well helps me understand the movie better. Second, I want to go to college, so I must work hard to accomplish the dream. Going to college is my future dream, I work so hard for it, so I must learn as more as I can to fulfill myself.


  59、外教的好处 The Advantages of Foreign Teacher

  In China, students have to learn English when they are in middle school, it is said that students begin to learn English in primary school, we can see that English is very important for the young generation. In today’s society, mastering a foreign language is of great importance, so the parents pay special attention to the English education for their kids, they are thinking about hiring the foreign teacher, it is the main trend of foreign language education. Hiring a foreign teacher is good for students, they can have access to the native accent, when students speak English to foreigners, they can get use to the foreign accent. Compared to the Chinese teacher, foreign teacher brings students confident. Hiring a foreign also can let the students have access to the foreign culture, foreign teacher always show students their country’s culture to make the student understand the English better. Foreign teacher is good for student’s learning.


  60、参加英语角的好处 The Advantages of Going to English Corner

  Since we go to school, English is one of our main subjects, the government pays special attention to the English education. In the class, we have learned the grammar and sentence structure for a long time, some students are no more satisfied with what we learn in the class, they want to speak English fluently, so they can take advantage of what they learn in the class. Nowadays, English corner has be the main symbol for the English learners, most people join the corner in the weekends. Joining the English corner can enhance people’s ability of speaking English. Students have less chance to speaking in the class, but in the English corner, they can speak what they want. As there are people from all classes in the English corner, people can share their experience for each other, they can learn more from each other. If you have time, I suggest you to join the English corner.


  61、除夕不放假Working In the New Year’s Eve

  When people are waiting for the new year’s coming, the government announces the next year’s holiday plan, people find that the new year’s eve is not off, people have to work! This is a big news for them, because new year’s eve is very important for Chinese people, they treat that day as a big day. The holiday plan has been critical by the public, as for me, I feel astonished that people in the new year’s eve should work, because they get used to going home, having dinner with family, but now, they have to work in such a big day. That day should be off, people have been working for a year, the Spring Festival is of importance, the day before Spring Festival is the day for the family getting together, having dinner and sharing happiness. If people go home after work, they don’t have enough time to prepare for the big day. New year’s eve should not be off.


  62、哈利波特 Harry Potter

  In 2001, there was a famous movie named Harry Potter, which turned out to be the most popular magical movie all over the world. The movie is about magical thing, now, as the success of the movie, the original novel has been a hot seller. When I was in high school, my English teacher let us to see the forth series of the movie, I was deeply attracted by the magical world. The three main characters are so funny, they are loved by the fans from the world. Harry Potter is such a great success that it leads the trend of magical novel series. The later popular novel book named Twilight is kinds of imitate Harry Potter. As the book is so popular, the woman writer J.K Rawlings earn a lot of fortune, she is one of the most powerful and rich women in the world.

  在2001年,有一部很出名的电影叫《哈利波特》,后来这部电影成为世界上最受欢迎的魔幻电影。这部电影讲的就是有关魔幻的东西,现在,随着电影的成功,原版小说成为了热销。当我在高中的时候,我的英语老师让我们看这部电影的第四个系列,我被里面的魔幻世界深深吸引了。三个主要人物很有趣,他们被全世界的粉丝所喜爱。《哈利波特》很成功以至于它引起了魔幻系列小说的潮流。随后出来受欢迎的《暮光之城》就是有点模仿《哈利波特》。随着书本的成功,这本小说的女作家—J.K Rawlings赢得了很多财富,她现在是世界上最有权力和有钱的女人之一。

  63、世上只有妈妈好 The Good Mother in the World

  When we are very small, most of us have heard the song about the praise of the mother, we have been told that mother is the best people in the world. Indeed, our mothers are the persons who give birth to us, who will never abandon us whatever happens upon us. Sometimes we will argue with our mothers, because we think she doesn’t understand us, but after a little while, we always regret for the argument. Actually, she knows her babies, she just cares too much that she doesn’t expect that it will hurt her babies. As kids, we should understand our mothers, too, it is our duty to take care of her, when we are young, mothers take care our us, when they are old, it is our turn to take care of her. It is love that makes the world beautiful, let’s show our love to mothers.


  64、大众传媒的作用 The Function of Mass Media

  As the development the Internet, today we live in the high-tech world, we can have access to all kinds of high-tech products, such as TV, computer and so on. The Internet makes the world smaller, we can know the instant news quickly. 20 years ago, we only have TV and radio to get the news, but now, we have computer and cellphone. We call such product the mass media. The mass media brings people a lot of fun, we can know the news from all over the world, we are not just depending on the traditional media. Now the government takes some action to clear the departments, the citizens can supervisor the official. If people find the officials take the advantage of the government’s resource, they can use the media to expose such behavior. Mass media is welcomed by the audience, people not only know more about the world, but also can supervisor the government.


  65、如何戒烟? How to Quit Smoking?

  It is well-known that smoke is bad for our health. But there are still many people addicted to it and find it hard to quit. It is a problem make many people confused. For this, I have some suggestions. Firstly, you have to aware the disadvantages of smoke. If you don’t aware this, you won’t have the mind to do it. Then what you need is a strong mind. There is a saying,” Nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind on it.” So, a strong mind is important. What’s more, I have warm tips. If you really want to smoke, you can have a chew gum instead of smoke. After a while, your desire to smoke will be fade away gradually. Last, give yourself some awards. When you find yourself make some progress, you can give yourself some awards. It is good. Hope you can give up smoke successfully.


  66、暴力镜头的限制The Limitation of The Violence Shot

  Nowadays, when we watch the movie or the TV series, we may find violence shot everywhere, such as the movie about a cop fighting with a gangster, so many violence is being presented, the process of the cop beats the gangster is so clearly. People watch this scene with great joy, while they don’t realize it has great effect on the kids. Kids are so small that they don’t have the sense of judge, they like to imitate what they think is cool. Under such circumstance, we always read the news about teenagers showing violence and go against the law. There are many gunshot cases in campus, the killers are teenagers, and it is so shocking. The spread of the violence in the camera should be limited; it should not be showing too much. A good movie is not famous for its violent presentation, so in order to be good for the teenagers, violence shot should be limited.


  67、青少年的道德观Teenager’s Opinion About Moral

  With the development of Internet, people can get to know the instant news and see what happens around the world. We hear about the bad news about teenager’s wrong behavior now and then, the biggest is about a teenager insulted a girl and got arrested. The whole world is watching the case, because the teenager is born in a rich family. Teenager has been criticized for their lack of moral consciousness, before the case, not a lot of people realize teenager’s moral problem. Now, the society calls for the parents to take care about the moral education. Parents start to do self-examination, they know they focus too much on the work; they need to spend more time to be with their kids, teaching the children what is right and what is wrong. In order to foster the kids with moral idea, they tell them what they should do and what they should avoid. With these ideas, the teenagers will not against the law.


  68、女孩之夜Girls’ Night

  Have you heard about girls’ night? I bet most of you guys never heard about it before. Actually, in China, it is less being referred, but in western country, it is very common for girls. What is girls’ night? Girls’ night is an activity for girls, some girls make up a small group, and they sleep at one of the group members’ home, taking about gossip and share secrets together. Girls’ night is very popular in western country; it can promote the communication between friends. The first time I heard about girls’ night is on the American TV series. I was very surprise at the time; I now understand it has become part of the tradition. In our country, we don’t call it girls’ night, we call it girls’ chat. I like girls’ night, we can share our secret with our friends.


  69、关于青春和年龄 About Youth and Age

  This year, there are many movies about in honor of people’s fading youth, the movies are very popular by the audience. Suddenly the topic about youth becomes a hot topic, many people collect the symbol things which stand for their youth, they are remembering their youth. For the young, they you enjoying the beautiful lifetime, while for the old, they are just recalling it. On my opinion, youth is nothing to do with the age, we can enjoy the youth all the time. The movies recall people’s memory, if people are active, they can be young forever, there is no need to look back on the memory. When people get older, they can live as the young, they don’t have to be act as the old, people get old when they think they are old. There is a famous song Forever Young, it reminds people to keep young at heart.


  70、关于责任 About Responsibility

  Last night, I saw the news that a bus driver died of heart disease when he was doing his job, there were many passengers in the car, the driver stopped the car in the sidewalk and then died. It is so moving, compared to the drivers who drive in high speed, this driver is full responsibility, he considered the passengers’ safe in the first place, he deserves to be highly praised. In today, people are losing the sense of responsibility, they don’t care many things, which makes them a heartless people. Like when my mother asks me to finish the house work, I have to finish it before I go out to play. If I give up, in the future, I will take things not serous and be a responsible guy. If the driver just died without stopping the car, then the passengers would die, what a terrible thing. So we need to be responsible.


  71、如何控制玩电脑游戏 How to Control Playing Computer Games

  Nowadays, with the development of computer, the function of computer has developed, too. We can use computer to check the instant news, make friend and so on. The reason why so many people addict to computer is that they like to play the computer games, there are all kinds of computer games, everyone can find a game which is suitable to him. Too much involve in the computer games is wasting time, we should control our habit. First, we must set the limit time on it, we’d better not to play the game over an hour. We have to tell ourselves that we must stop playing when the time is up, we have another thing to do. Second, we should go out with friends often, so we can communicate with others, it makes our mind not focus on the computer games. I am not saying we should not play computer games, but we should not addict to it.


  72、手机影响学习吗?Does Mobile Phone Distract Study?

  Today, with the development of technology, people own all kinds of electronic products, mobile phone is very popular, almost everyone has a mobile phone at hand, we even can say that we can’t live without mobile phone. As the phone has become so popular, students are also obsessed about it, high school students use cell phone without letting teachers know it, the reason that the teachers ban them to use mobile phone is that the phone will distract students from study. I agree with teachers, as a student, I know exactly how the phone affects me in the class. I always want to check my phone, seeing if there is message. I can’t focus on my study, all my mind thinking is to check on the phone. I am not saying we should not use mobile phone, I advise that it is better use it when we are not studying.


  73、时光机 Time Machine

  When I see the cartoon, I like to watch the cat machine very much, he has a time machine, he always helps his friend to fine something with time machine. The cartoon makes me think of what would I do if I have a time machine. If I have a time machine, the first thing I want to do is go back to the time when I play with my friend, he now moves to another place, I never say goodbye to him, I want to make it up and say goodbye to him. The second thing is I want to go back to the time when I shout at my mother, I regret about this all the time, I wish I had a chance to say sorry at that time. Now I have to face the truth that I will never have time machine, I should cherish the time and thing I own now, be nice to my mother.


  74、朋友的重要性The Importance of Friend

  When we have something annoy us, we will naturally to find someone to talk about it, the first choice is friend. We will not talk about it in front of our parents, because we don’t want them to worry about us. Friend is so important in our life, we have many friends, we will share our happiness and sorrow with them, we hang out together, in a word, friends are part of our life. What will happened if someone have no friend? We hear from the news that the crime people are isolated by others, most of them have no friends, their view point about the world is distorted. Without friends, people have no where to relieve their emotion, the long time’s depression of the emotion distract people from the normal life. So friends are very important, we can’t live without friends.


  75、在逆境中成长 Group Up in Adverse Situation

  When we go to school, we are taught that life is not always going well, we will meet all kinds of difficulties. Everyone hears the words, but when they meet difficulties, it is hard for them to be OK with it, they feel the life is hopeless, just as hearing is easy, while taking action is another thing. Once a famous business person said that the one who faced the failure and stood up, he or she will be successful. I absolutely believe it, we are in front of so many accidents, we need to face the setback and learn from it, every setback is a test for us, only the one who passes the test can succeed. Such as when we feel it hard to study, then give up, how can we make progress. Life teaches us lesson every minute, the adverse situation is a good chance to upgrade ourselves.


  76、关于面子问题About Face

  There is an old saying in China“people need face while the trees need skin”,the meaning is that Chinese people pay special attention on the dignity. Loving face is most people’s behavior, so they like to brag, they enjoy being adored by others. About the face problem, I think we should not take it serious, we are not living for other people, we are living for ourselves. The real self-esteem is from our hearts, not from other people. Chinese people like to brag, they brag about their property, hoping that people will respect him. The funny thing is that only the fake successful people will brag, the real one is silent, they keep working hard, the successful career supports their self-esteem. If we want people to respect us, we should show our reality, be nice to them, never brag about ourselves.


  77、掌握学习方法的重要性The Importance of Mastering How to Learn

  Learning how to learn is one of the hot topics in education at the moment. In order to understand its importance, it is vital to understand the following two points. First, we should not follow other students’ way of learning. It is known to all that most students do not learn in the same way, they have their own ways to study. We have heard from other excellent students, they introduce their way of learning, while for ourselves, we should adjust our methods according to theirs, but not follow them in all. What’s more, many students do not take an interest in the process of learning and expect that by simply going to a lecture, for example, they will automatically study the subject matter. It is impossible for them to learn better, they should work efficiently. If students master how to learn, they will have a better chance to acquire knowledge.


  78、压力等于动力吗?Does Pressure Equal Motivation?

  People always believe that when there is pressure, there is motivation, it seems that pressure equals motivation. We need pressure, it makes us keep move on, with pressure, we know what to do and how to fulfill our targets. Without pressure, we are just like a child, never grow up, having no idea of responsibility. It is pressure that makes us become mature, we should have pressure, it indeed equals motivation at the certain level. While having too much pressure is bad for our mind, it is just like a burden that presses our mind, making people hard to take a breath. Nowadays the case of people commit suicide is increasing, the reason is that people can’t take a breath from much pressure, they feel there is no hope in life, no matter what they do, life just frustrates them. We should have the right attitude towards pressure.


  79、团购的坏处 The Disadvantages of Group Purchase

  Since the computer comes into being, it develops so fast, today, we can do many things in the computer, such as make friends, check the news and so on. With the computer, people like to purchase online, it not only saves time, but also saves the money. The newly developed way of shopping online is called group purchase, the special thing lies in that it provide the product with low price. As so many people buy the product, so the manufacturer still earn lots of profit, so they are willing to sell on the low price. While the problem comes, low price always means bad quality, group purchase provides the customers not that good quality. So when we buy in group purchase, we need to take care.


  80、借钱伤害友谊吗?Does Borrowing Money Hurt Friendship?

  When you need a lot of money, you first thing you do is to borrow money from your friend, while doing this sometimes may do harm to your friendship. First, your friends may not have too much money at hand, he or she maybe suffer from the lack of cash flow at that moment. Everyone has their own worries, when you borrow money, they always have to struggle for a while, their hesitations make you begin to doubt your friendship is true or whether your friends treat your as real one. Second, most people can’t return the money in time, because they have all kinds of difficulties, this will make your friends in a awkward situation. They are considering whether to ask you return the money, if they do, this will make you embarrassed; If they don’t, they will lack of money. So it is better not to borrow money from your friend.


  81、名人是否应该拥有隐私 Should Celebrity Have Privacy?

  What is the best selling paper in the world? The answer is amusement newspaper. When people are having a chat, they always talk about the celebrity, it has become part of our life. People like to chase after the famous person, they even treat them as their idols, as fans, they want to know everything about their idols. So the journalists like to peep at the celebrity’s private life, they want to expose everything about them, so the paper can sell more. As celebrities, they condemn the journalists’ behavior, they call on the public to give them more private space. Though they are celebrities, they should have space, the public should let them take a breath. When they are in the public, the journalists can shot whatever they want, while the celebrity goes home, the journalists should not follow celebrities any more, because they are off work.


  82、最好的旅游方式 The Best Way to Travel

  Today, as people live a better life, they chase for more enjoyment. We can see from the news that when the holiday comes, there are so many people gather in the scenery site. People like to travel today, they can take a plane, take the bus or even take a bike. On my opinion, the best way to travel is by train. First, it is very cheap. Compare with other ways, such as plane and bus, train is less expensive, people can save a lot of money. Besides, taking the train is much safer. People don’t have to worry about crush, which is more happen in the plane or bus. Second, we can enjoy the scenery in the train. Though the train is very slow, we can have a good sight of the beautiful scenery, when we go to Tibet, we can see different colors and different mountains during the trip. Taking the train is the best way to travel.


  83、人才的现代定义 Modern Concepts of Talent

  Last night, I saw a movie, there was a sentence impressed me so much, the protagonist asked the guy“Do you know what is the most precious in the 21century?”The answer is talent. Yes, today, the world develops so fast, the company needs the talent badly, it is so hard for them to find a talent. So what is the modern talent? First, the modern talent must good at study, they have a good school report, the traditional talent is also base on it. Second, the modern talent is good at communication. School report is not the only standard for a talent today, the ability of social communication is much more important. We live in a world, we need to communicate with all kinds of people, the one who gets along well with others, who can have access to the success easily. School report and the ability of social communication make up of a modern talent.


  84、克服自卑 Overcome Self-abasement

  Everyone is shy when they are young, some people shy because they think they are not good enough, so they are not confident, they will low their heads before others. We call this emotion self-abasement, most people suffer such emotion, we need to conquer it. For me, I was not confident before, I always think that other guys do every thing better than me, until someday, I watch a book. The book says how to conquer self-abasement, I learn that the reason why people feel not confident, it is because they haven’t found their advantages. The book tells that everyone is good at something, we are wrong to compare other people’s advantages with our disadvantages. After I read the book, I understand why I not confident, I should never compare with others, I also have my merit, I should be proud of myself. Let’s raise our heads and be confident.


  85、改编的电影The Adapted Movie

  Nowadays, when we see the movie, we may find the movie is familiar, we have seen the plot before. The movie we watch is always adapted according to the novel. Such as The Pride and The Prejudice, the story has been put into the screen many times. The main plot is same, but the express way of character is different. If the director shots a version that the audience thinks it a fail, he fail, so the adapted movie means distraction of the original novel. As for me, I like to watch movie, compare to read novels, it saves time, I have to study everyday, so I don’t have much time to read a long story. What’s more, the movie has voice, the characters are lively, so I get into the story very soon, I won’t feel bore. Sometimes reading a novel makes me sleepy. So watching movies is a good way to know the novels.


  86、彩票得来的财富The Fortune From Lottery

  Sometimes we see from the news that a lucky guy wins the lottery, he gets a lot of money, making his life so rich suddenly. People can’t resist the charm of lottery, because they can be a billionaire without hard work. But the true is that we will never be the one, we have to face the true that the only way to be rich is hard work.


  87、终身学习 Lifelong Learning

  Once Chairman Mao said one is never too old to learn, his famous words inspire people to keep learning all their lives. Since we are small, we study at school, then we have to learn until we are at college, after graduate from college, we finish our education in the school.Then the new stage comes, we start to work, making money, learning knowledge seems unnecessary to us. This is totally wrong, we learn all the time, even we are out of school, we have lessons from life. Life is a big topic, we have to learn it all the time. We have to deal with trouble, learning to make friends and accept fail. All these things we will not learn at school, we have to learn by ourselves, we are students and teachers. If you think you finish learning after school, you are narrow minded.


  88、驾驶证重要吗?Does Driving License Important?

  Today, there are so many people have cars because of the development of ecnomy. Unlike many years ago that car is too expensive to buy, now people treat car as a necessary vehicle. What’s more, cars are no longer too expensive to buy. As a result, people need to have driving license, so they can drive on the road. Around these years, there are a lot of people to take the test of the driving license, even when one finds a job, the employer will ask if he has a driving license. It seems that having a driving license is a necessary. I admit that driving license is very important, it is a basic skill, we need to learn to drive in order to keep pace with the time. Some girls think that they don’t need it because they can count on future husbands. This is so ridiculous, girls should be independent.


  89、圣诞节快乐Merry Christmas

  December 25 is Christmas Day, the day is originates in the western country, it is in honor of the birth of Jesus Christ. In the Bible, it is record that Jesus saved people out of trouble, he is the son of god, he died of suffering for the purpose of saving people. Jesus is so great, everyone in the western country knows his story. Though Christmas Day belongs to foreign countries, now it has become a worldwide festival. In China, we can find the day is more and more popular, people find the Christmas tree sold in the shop and there are parties to celebrate Christmas Day. On that day, families get together, having dinner, eating turkey and sharing happiness. This is a good chance for people to get reunion, this is the most important day for western people, just like Chinese New Year.


  90、平安夜Christmas Eve

  Christmas Eve is coming soon, it is on December 24, the day before Christmas. At first, Christmas is very popular in western country, as the world gets globalized, Christmas Eve become a worldwide festival. On that day, people decorate the tree, families have dinner, all the members get together, chatting and singing while sitting around the stove. People have a lot of activities on that night, the young like to have party or masquerade, they hold the party all the night, celebrating the coming of the Christmas. For kids, it is a tradition that they put stockings in the chimney, the Santa Claus will bring them gifts that night. Actually, the gifts that the kids get are from their parents, the Santa Claus is their parents. Christmas Eve is like Chinese New Year’s Eve, both are important, the culture between Chinaand western countries has something in common.


  91、冬至The Winter Solstice

  On December 22, 2013, the day is the Winter Solstice, it is an important day in China, it becomes a tradition. More than 2500years ago, Chinese people had detected this day by measuring the sun. What is special on the day? The answer is that the daytime lasts the shortest while the night lasts the longest of the year. It means the new round of the solar term, the Winter Solstice is the earliest. As an old tradition, people treat that day a grand day, they celebrate it. In the north, most people eat dumplings, while in the south, people have rice dumpling and boiled dumpling. Though people celebrate in a different way, they share the same happiness, family get together and have a big dinner. Winter Solstice gives family a chance to get reunion, the young come home to have a chat with parents and promote their communication.


  92、北京行程安排Travel Plan for Beijing

  I am going to Beijing. Although I haven’t set out, I have made my travel plan. There are five days for me to travel. But I only have three days to have a good look of Beijing, because the first and the last day I have to spend on the transportation. The first day, I will start early to Guangzhou by bus and then take the plane for 1:00pm. Then I can be Beijing about 4:00pm. Then I will take the subway to my aunt’s home. After a whole night rest, I will go to climb the Great Wall the second day. The third day, I will visit Tian An Men, the Imperial Palace and the Summer Palace. In the evening, I will visit national stadium. The fourth day I will visit some old town in Beijing and eat some local food. The fifth day, I have to go back home. This is my plan.

  我就要去北京了。虽然我还没开始出发,但是我已经制定好计划了。我有五天的旅行时间。但是我只能在北京呆三天,因为第一次和最后一天的时间我都要花在交通上。第一天,我会早早地坐车到广州,然后乘坐下午1:00的飞机。大约下午4点我就可以到达北京了。然后我会坐地铁去我姑姑家。经过一个晚上的休息 后,第二天我就会去爬长城。第三天,我会去参观天安门,故宫和颐和园。晚上,我要去参观国家体育场。第四天,我会参观一下北京的老城区,尝尝当地美食。第五天,我就得回家了。这是我的计划。

  93、出国旅游的梦想The Dream of Traveling Abroad

  When I learned English, I had no idea why would I learn it, but as I was in high school, my English teacher showed me many things about the foreign country, then I came to know what the foreign country was like. They are so different from China, the world is so big, I must travel abroad someday, I want to see the other countries, having access to their tradition. I am very interested in the culture, I know our country’s culture well, I want to know more beyondChina. I learn thatParisis very fashionable,Egyptis an old city with its famous tower,Veniceis a water city, all of there are so interesting to me. English is a basic tool that I can communicate with the world, so I must learn English well, making enough money and realize my dream.


  94、乡村教师Country Teacher

  In the 1990s, as the call of the government that teachers should go to the country to serve the people, there are more and more teachers go to the country to continue their teaching education. People speak highly of the teachers, because they contribute their youth to the teaching education. I recognize a country teacher when I were in my internship, after a month in the country, I feel lonely and bored, I began to admire country teachers. They are so great, they choose to go to the village at their best youth, giving up the comfortable life in the city. I am wondering what make them make such decision. The teacher I know said that they thought they would here just for a few years, but as the time went by, they felt the kids needed them, so they stayed. I am so admire them, they are the real great men.


  95、如何控制人口增长How To Control The Population

  Chinahas a large population, the world’s most population is here. Even though our government has carried out the policy of Family Plan many years ago, the population is still increasing that our economy is lagging behindAmericaand other developed countries. In order to improve citizens’ life level, the population must be control. People should have the consciousness that having many kids is not a good choice, giving a good birth and giving good care are the best way to raise kids, so Family Plan is a good policy, people should carry out. What’s more, raising only a kid means you have more time and money to enjoy life. If you raise more, all of your life you just keep worrying about the kids and ignore what you really want. The European has made a good example, they enjoy their life so much. Family Plan is good policy to control the population.


  96、世界足球日的来源 The Origin of World Football Day

  Nowadays, football has become one of the most popular entertainment sports for human beings. In the daily life, people ranging from kids to adults play football when they have spare time. It can help people relax and gain a healthy body. But not too many people know the special meaning of December 9th every year. It is World Football Day. It is because of the demonstration of students in December 9th, 1935. Under the leadership and organization of China Communist Party and leadership, Peiping Students Federation leading the students in Peiping city, which was more than 6000 held demonstrations. The students shouted the slogans of “overthrow Japanese imperialism,” "stop the civil war, and close ranks". Their demonstration resulted in a new upsurge of nation-wide Anti-Japanese Democratic Movement. In order to memorize this student movement, the United Nations made December 9th as World Football Day in 1978.


  97、我的室友My Roommates

  I study in a high school, the school is far away from my home, so I have to live in the school. The first day I came to the school, the headmaster led me to a dormitory, he said I would have three roommates. I was the first one to come, so I waited a minute to meet my roommates. At last, I saw them, they are from different places, I learned how to get along with them. Li Hua loves music so much, he can play guitar, we hear him play guitar when we don’t have class. Wang Hai is into reading all kinds of novels, sometimes he will read a novel the whole night. Su Kai likes playing basketball, he watches all the news about NBA. While I like playing tennis, though we have different hobby, we share our happy and sorrow, the difference makes our life colorful.


  98、《暮光之城》中的爱情观The Love Attitude From Twight

  About six years ago, the movie Twight was a great success, hundred of teenagers became the fans. The movie tells about a girl named Bella who is falling in love with a vampire Edward, it seems that love can’t happen between them, but it happens. Bella ignores what other people tells her that she will get hurt and even get herself killed, she makes up her mind that she must be together with Edward. Bella’s love is so strong that she leaves everything behind. On my opinion, Bella’s love is not a wise choice, her strong love makes her turn deaf ears to others, even her parents. Bella’s love is such skin deep, she abandons her responsibility, she even puts herself in a dangerous situation. As an adult, we should be mature, such love is not acceptable. Love should be built in responsibility.


  99、我的偶像-艾薇儿•拉维尼My Idol --Avril Lavigne

  There are many stars received great achievements, such as Jay Chou, Jackie Chen, Quwanting and so on. However, the star who I like the best is Avril Lavigne. She is my idol. She was born in 1984. As we all know, she began to make music when she was seventeen years old and she was famous for the song--skater boy. I was always listening to it. It’s so great. Now, however, I’m looking forward to hearing her new songs in august, 10th. Moreover, her songs help me to learn English as well. I think listening to the English songs is a great way to learn English. Do you think so? I love you, rock star. My idol –vv


  100、单独学习还是集体学习?Learning Individually or Collaboratively?

  I recall my study experiences. Sometimes I studied with my classmates, but sometimes I prefer to study alone. In my opinion, learning collaboratively can help us to improve our ability of communication. At the same time, it can give us a stage where we can exchange our thoughts with each other. In addition, through learning collaboratively we can get more chance to know our classmates. But there are some disadvantages. For example, during the time of study, we may not study but talk with our classmates.

  As a matter of fact, learning individually also has some advantages. Firstly, if we study alone, we will think about something by ourselves. It can help us to improve our ability of thinking by ourselves. And learning individually is good for our creation.

  As learning individually has some advantages and learning collaboratively also has some advantages, so I think we should use a combination of both.